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Sonic Overload 3/18/19

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Sonic Overload 3/18/19


CHAOS CHANNEL-The Bird, Singing At Non-Reality (SPHC)

URANIUM CLUB-Flashback Arrestor (Fashionable Idiots)
ISS-One Sided Triangle (from “American Idylls,” Sorry State)
BAD BAD-Another Insect Bite (Goodbye Boozy)
M.A.Z.E.-Zipper Back (demo)
CLARKO-Medeocre Man (Iron Lung)
PRIMETIME-Get A Grip (La Vida Es Un Mus)

DICK DALE-Nitro (Hightone) in memory of Dick Dale
DICK DALE-Del-Tone Rock (Sundazed)
FLESHTONES-The Theme From “The Vindicators” (IRS)
SECRET AFFAIR-Let Your Heart Dance (Sire)
CLASH-Junco Partner (Epic)


PANDEMIX-Can’t Assimilate (Dirt Cult)
DURS COEURS-Assez C’est Assez (MMM)
LA VASE-Plan (Phantom)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Mos Maiorum (Hysteria)

NEON (Oakland)-Had He Had Time To Think (demo)
NEON (Switzerland)-Neon (Water Wing)
COATHANGERS-Don’t Touch My Shit (Die Slaughterhaus)
SPK-Mekano (Vinyl-On-Demand)
REMA-REMA-International Space (4AD)

DUMB VISION-1254 (Big Neck)
DRAGGS-Edible Space (Slime Street)
SAURIANS-Teenage Paranoia (demo)
X-NIPPLES-Rabid Dogs (self-released)
FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES-Internet Bitch (Emotional Response)


ADRENALIN OD-Status Symbol (Beer City)
CON/800-Nuke Warz (demo)
DR. KNOW-Watch It Burn (Mystic)
DIE KREUZEN-Rumors (Touch and Go)
OFFENDERS-Face Down In The Dirt (Rabid Cat)
STATE-All Wrong (Underestimated)
AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-1020’s Sweet Moves (No Idea)

LITHICS-Dancing Guy (Kill Rock Stars)
FAMILY CURSE-Julia Armant (Drawing Room)

METHOD ACTORS-The Method (Armageddon)
FLESH EATERS-No Questions Asked (Upsetter)
WIRE-French Film Blurred (Pinkflag)
THE CURE-I’m Cold (Rhino)


FRIED EGG-Grin and Bear (Feel It)
GUTTER KNIFE-Turncoat (Quality HC)
SLANT-Scorn (Iron Lung)
SHITTY LIFE-We Are Dead (Spastic Fantastic)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-My Life My Fault (Deranged)
SUNSHINE SS-Teen Choices (Sacred Plague)
SUNPOWER-Bored Generation (Still Holding On)

COUTEAU LATEX-Morphee (Goner)
DROOL-Example (demo)
GIZZARDS-Means Of Destruction (demo)
DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (Empty)

KUSTOMIZED-The Place Where People Meet (Matador)

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