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Sonic Overload 1/13/20

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Sonic Overload 1/13/20


NO FUCKER-Maelstrom Of Decay (No Real Music)

LITHICS-Edible Door (demo)
COCHONNE-Horror-Scope (Sorry State)
XV-Saran Wrap (Life Like)
PRONTO-Escape (Musica Desechable)
ILINX-Murky Water (demo)
FOC-15 (demo)

ANTIDOTE-Life As One (Antidote)
AGNOSTIC FRONT-Friend Or Foe (self-released)
CAUSE FOR ALARM-True Colors (self-released)
NO THANKS-Are You Ready To Die? (Lengua Armada)
SAVAGE CIRCLE-Kill Corps (Big City)
NEOS-Conscripts (Rat Cage)
DETONATORS-Condemned To Freedom (EBS)
CHARGE-Destroy The Youth (Kamera)
ARTICLES OF FAITH-Bad Attitude (Version Sound)

GINO AND THE GOONS-You Ain’t Shit (Big Neck)
SEX SCENES-One Foot In The Grave (Big Neck)
FUTILITY MEN-My Son (Big Neck)
DASHER-Soviet (Jagjaguwar)
NIGHTFREAK-Blade Of The Knife (What’s For Breakfast)


TIGHTS-Howard Hughes (Cherry Red)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Boston Babies (Decca)
GROUND ZERO-Nothing (self-released)
DEADBEATS-Kill The Hippies (Dangerhouse)

FULL SPEED AHEAD-Overload (Manic Ride)
JOHN BROWNS ARMY-Playing With Fire (Gloom)
BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE-Wave Of Death (Todo Destruido)
CRIATURAS-Mentiras (Lengua Armada)
ZODD-Operationally Ready Dead (La Vida Es Un Mus)
WOLFPACK-No Neo Bastards (Farewell)
S.H.I.T.-Masochism (Iron Lung)

DIÄT-Foreign Policy (Iron Lung)
SECOND LAYER-Fixation (Cherry Red)
JOSEF K-Heads Watch (Domino)


CESSPOOL-Buried (Adult Crash)
SCREAMING FIST-Oxidacíon (Iron Lung)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Prose Kinema (demo)
HACKER-Degrade (demo)
SANCTION A-Pain (demo)
NANDAS-Butterfly Exhibit (Toxic State)
CRETE-Praise The Machine (from “American Idylls,” Sorry State)

REATARDS-Sick When I See (Empty)
JAY REATARD-Not A Substitute (In The Red)
FINAL SOLUTIONS-Disco Eraser (Misprint)
T. REX-Chariot Choogle (Reprise)
NEW YORK DOLLS-Who Are The Mystery Girls? (Mercury)

LIQUID ASSETS-Caged (Schizophrenic)
DROPDEAD-Hatred Burning (from “Every Winter Is Cold,” Atomic Action)
FUCK IT… I QUIT!-Where They Want You (Atomic Action/Refuse)
BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (Fun With Smack)
NASA SPACE UNIVERSE-Peeping Toddler (self-released)
MONGOLOID-Slam Pig (Deranged)


RASPBERRY BULBS-Ultra Vires (Nuclear Blast)
ILL GLOBO-Chewy On Ya Boot (Aarght!)
ACRYLICS-Stagnant (Iron Lung)
ALIEN BIRTH-Gasoline (demo)
SKIN TAGS-I Hate Life (Already Dead)
HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “State Funeral,” Artcore)

BIG BLACK-Kerosene (Homestead) in memory of Dave Riley 
BIG BLACK-The Power Of Independent Trucking (Touch and Go)
BULL-Tindbox (Compulsive)
SAVAGE BELIEFS-Outskirts (Wasteland) 

IVY GREEN-I’m Your Television (Pogo)

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