Monday, March 30, 2020

Sonic Overload 2/24/20

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Sonic Overload 2/24/20


YOUTH OF TODAY-Flame Still Burns (Caroline)

NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE-Control (Grave Mistake)
VIOLENT MINDS-Fight Authority (Parts Unknown)
COLD SWEAT-2.5 Cliché (Rock & Roleplay)
RASH-Hatchet (IFB)
CÜLO-Brain Cavity (Deranged)
CIVIL DEFENSE-Enough (Striving For Togetherness)

RENTALS-I’ve Got A Crush On You (Beggars Banquet)
CHRISTMAS-Dig We Must (demo)
GIRLS-Cubist Grid (Brasch)
KINSKI-Guest Girl Vocalist (Kill Rock Stars)

WETBRAIN-Suburbia (demo)
VAXINE-Anxiety (demo)
HEZ-Gobierno Militar (World Gone Mad)
SLIMY MEMBER-Awaken (Todo Destruido)
DAMAGERS-Again and Again (Deranged)
PENETRODE-Florida Life (Neck Chop)


THROBBING GRISTLE-Zyklon B Zombie (Mute)
RESOURCE NETWORK-Hard To Find (self-released)
LILI Z-I Wanna Make Noise (Polly Maggoo)

ROCKY & THE SWEDEN-People Vs. Government (Break The Records)
HVAC-T&S (demo)
ALIEN NOSEJOB-Chemical Solution (Iron Lung)
CRISIS ACTORS-Fun’s Over (demo)
GESTURE-Poisonous Isle (from “Achtung ADK,” Billo)
GEL-Culmination (demo)

CHORDS-Maybe Tomorrow (Polydor)
2X4’S-Bridgeport Lathe (Bessemer Process)
THE WALL-Kiss The Mirror (Captain Oi)
DAMNED-I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Chiswick)


METZ-Negative Space (Sub Pop)
CLOCKCLEANER-In The Shit (Retpilian)
FOAM-Test Flight (demo)

DI-OC Life (Reject)
KRAUT-Bogus (Cabbage)
UNSEEN FORCE-Scream and Scream Again (Turbulent)
ÄPÄRÄT-Tahti (from “Yalta Hi-Life,” Barrabas)
KAAOS-Vakivallan Uhrit (Barrabas)
NEB!-Vag (self-released)
LACES-All In My Mind (demo)
SEX SCENES-Rat King (Big Neck)
SUNSHINE SS-Banned From The Record Store (Sacred Plague)
NOPES-Shedding (demo)
DEATH HYMN NUMBER 9-Nervous Breakdown (Alternative Tentacles)


UZI-Criminal Child (Matador)
VANDYKES-Heaven Will Fall (Black)
VISION/DECAY-Insomnia (from “Barricaded Suspects,” Toxic Shock)

NO DOZ-Master Bate (demo)
LES ZERREURS-Compliqué Ambigue (demo)
BO GRITZ-Always Fine (demo)
ABANDOS-Speedball (self-released)
LYMES-Like Nuts (Weather Vane)
APB-Talk To Me (Link)

DEAD MILKMEN-Instant Club Hit (Restless)

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