Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Sonic Overload 4/26/21

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DOA-DOA (Friends)

DOA-Unknown (Friends)
SUBHUMANS (Canada)-Death To The Sickoids (Friends)
SUBHUMANS (UK)-No (Bluurg)
SLIMY MEMBER-Bomb Blast/Age Old Time (Drunken Sailor)

CUTTERS-Revenge (self-released)
HOMOSTUPIDS-Caveman (My Mind’s Eye)
RESOURCE NETWORK-The Machine (demo)
NÜ SENSAE-Gumbo (Fast Weapons)

BATTERY-Go Back To The Gym (Soulforce)
STFU-Fuck Hardcore (Burnt Ramen/Rodent Popsicle)
INMATES-Crustdust (Painkiller)
CRUCIAL UNIT-Let’s Unite The Punx and Skinz (Crucial Blast)
BLANKS 77-Sick (Hohnie)


NASHVILLE PUSSY-Go Motherfucker Go (Get Hip)
LORD HIGH FIXERS-Poppa Hoodoo (Scooch Pooch)
LOLI AND THE CHONES-Just Scream (Repent)
CATBURGLARS-Banger (Criminal IQ)
TRASH KNIFE-Ronda (demo)
TERMINAL STATE-Your Rules (Deranged)
R’N’R-What’s Your Damage? (from “Stab To Kill,” Stab and Kill)

RUNNING-Asshole Savant (Captcha)
THE TUNNEL-Membrane (demo)
BITTER BRANCHES-Her Disease (Atomic Action)
NAPALM DEATH-Amoral (Century Media)

DEATH OF SAMANTHA-Coca-Cola & Licorice (St. Valentine)
REACTIONS-Don’t Look Back (Homestead)
THE NOT-Action Man (self-released)
NAKED RAYGUN-Surf Combat (Homestead)


WHITE LUNG-St. Dad (Deranged)
ANNEX-No Warning (Mass Media)
NO WAR-Fine Little System (demo)
STRANGER-False (demo)
OND TRO-Hullet (Spaghetti Cassetti)

PRIZED PIG-Race Car (Tomothy)
WARM RED-Good Picture Taker (State Laughter)
SPREAD JOY-Mystery Curtain (Feel It)
SMIRK-Irrelevant Man (Feel It)

GUS-Outta My Head (Wrong)
FLEAS AND LICE-Up The Punks (Rodent Popsicle)
ONE WAY SYSTEM-Give Us A Future (Captain Oi)
PORTRAIT OF POVERTY-Portrait of Poverty (from “10 Things Jesus Wants You To Know”)


JAD-Agresja (self-released)
KOHTI TUHOA-Pääomaa (Svart)
BIB-No Exit (ETT)
STAGGER-Rigged (demo)
NEGATIV-The Human Bomb (Mirthless Laughter)
GUTTER-Under Surveillance (demo)
Q-Cqntrql (Lumpy)

MOLLS-White Stains (Skids)
PHOBIA-Pretend You’re Not Crazy (from “The Boston Bootleg,” Varulven)
MAPS-My Eyes Are Burning (self-released)
UNNATURAL AXE-They Saved Hitler’s Brain (Varulven)

GBH-Bell End Bop (Clay)

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