Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sonic Overload 11/29/21

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CELTIC FROST-Mexican Radio (Wall Of Voodoo) (Noise)

RAD-I Don’t Belong (Jerry’s Kids) (demo)
JUDY AND THE JERKS-Think For Me (Die Kreuzen) (Neck Chop)
CHARLES BRONSON-IQ 32 (Necros)/Punch Drunk (Hüsker Dü) (Youth Attack)
DEVOID OF FAITH-State Oppression (Raw Power) (Crust)
AMDI PETERSENS ARME-Avis (City X) (Hjerenespind)
BOOTLICKER-A Look At Tomorrow (Discharge) (Neon Taste)
SONIC YOUTH-Nic Fit (Untouchables) (DGC)

DESTRUCTION UNIT-Warm Leatherette (The Normal) (Empty)’
NOTS-TVOD (The Normal) (Goner)
CONEHEADS-Psycho Killer (Talking Heads) (ETT)
BOY DIVISION-We Don’t This Fascist Groove Thang (Heaven 17) (Glitterhouse)

NEW BOMB TURKS-This Place Sucks (Queers) (Engine)
TEENGENERATE-Talk Talk Talk Talk (The Reaction) (Estrus)
IDIOT TALK-Fascist Cops (Kids) (Build Me A Bomb)
ADOOM PISSFART-Solitary Confinement (Weirdos) (from “G.T.T.R.R.C. II,” Legless)
HENRY FIAT’S OPEN SORE-Problem Child (Damned) (Coldfront)
MELT-BANANA-Neat Neat Neat (Damned) (A-Zap)


DEAF CLUB-The Wait (Killing Joke) (self-released)
MYRMIDONS-Christine (Siouxise and the Banshees) (from “Our Voltage,” Girlsville)
TEENAGE CENOBITE-No Tears (Tuxedomoon) (self-released)

SUICIDE KINGS-Bad Boy (Larry Williams) (Adult Negro)
THE JAM-Slow Down (Larry Williams) (Polydor)
SAINTS-Wild About You (Missing Links) (Sire)

TOY DOLLS-The Final Countdown (Europe) (SOS)
BITCHARGE-The Nightmare Continues (Discharge) (self-released)
ROCK-N-ROLL TERRORISTS-Free Speech For The Dumb (Discharge) (self-released)
THE PREDICTIONS-Take ‘Em All (Cock Sparrer) (self-released)


HALO OF FLIES-Human Fly (Cramps) (Amphetamine Reptile)
TY SEGALL-20th Century Boy (T. Rex) (Goner)
FIREBALLS OF FREEDOM-I Got A Line On You (Spirit) (Dirtnap)
GG KING-The Letter (Box Tops) (demo)

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES-Ignorant (Urban Waste) (from “DIY or Die!,” Suburban Voice) in memory of Mike Vinatieri 
INTENSITY-Resist Control (Lifes Blood) (+/-)
DOG FLASHBACK-Arms Race (BGK) (demo)
DILLINGER FOUR-No Pain, No Gain (DYS) (from “No Sleep For Hardcore,” Suburban Voice)
THE INSTIGATION-Degenerated (Reagan Youth) (self-released)
17TH CLASS-3 Seconds Of Pleasure (Sick Pleasure) (Punks Before Profits)
NERDS-The Todd Killings (Angry Samoans) (No Name No Logo)

NOMOS-Vertical Slum (Swell Maps) (Deranged)
THE SPARK-Mr. Suit (Wire) (Mike Fitzgerald)
NAKED AGGRESSION-Machine Gun Etiquette (Damned) (SOS)
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979-Better Off Dead (LaPeste) (Last Gang)
ALICE DONUT-E.S.P. (Buzzcocks) (from “Something’s Gone Wrong Again,” C/Z)


CAVEMEN-Boston Medley (various) (self-released)
REAL KIDS-Rawhide (Link Wray) (Crypt)
COUNT BACKWARDS-Double-Decker Bus (Count Five) (Big City)
MODERN WARFARE-Street Fightin’ Man (Rolling Stones) (Rerun)

IVAN THE TOLERABLE-It’s A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl) (Faust) (Ack! Ack! Ack!)
OUTS-Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill) (Not Normal)
BAADER BRAINS-Sensations Fix (United Mutation) (Ebullition)
NIP DRIVERS-Fox On The Run (from “Desperate Teenage Lovedolls,” Gastanka) (Taang)

MONSTERLAND-Totally Wired (The Fall) (Seed)

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