Friday, January 20, 2023

Sonic Overload 12/26/22--The Best of 2022

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WARTHOG-Four Walls (Toxic State)\

TERMINAL ADDICTION-Trauma Of Generation (Not For The Weak)
ELECTRIKA-Tormenta (A-Z/Discos Enfermos)
AXE RASH-Buy Your Way Out (Not For The Weak)
LONG KNIFE-Survival (Beach Impediment)
INSTANT RUIN-Yer Future (demo)

SPECIAL INTEREST-Concerning Peace (Rough Trade)
M(H)AOL-Bored Of Men (self-released)
GIRLSPERM-2027 (Thrilling Living)
MARAUDEUR-Es Ist Klein Stehlen (Feel It)

SZLAUCH-Mistrzostwa (Syf)
LIFEGUARD-New Age (I’ve Got A) (self-released)
MONONEGATIVES-Vision Out Of Scope (Squirt Shit)
DADGAD-Snap Your Fingers (demo)
MCQQEEN-Electric Lies (Big Neck)
LAFFF BOX-Face (Turb Discos)


WOODSTOCK ’99-La Casa De Fuck You (Sorry State)
STIFF PRICK-Gilead (Kill Enemy)
LASSO-Amuo (Sorry State)
GUTTER OIL-Waste Of Space (Helta Skelta)
KLAZO-Parasitic Pretender (Big Neck)
VEUVE SCARRON-Rough On Rats (Forbidden Place)

RED GAZE-Dissociation (Twintoe)
CRIME OF PASSING-Off My Shoulder (Feel It)
BLEMISH-Industrial Bodies (Not For The Weak)
BÖRN-Peir Koma (Iron Lung)

ALDI OST-Job In Security (Phantom)
1001 REHABS-9th Reich (Polze De La Mort)
SMIRK-Heathen Means (Feel It)
BZDET-Bez Serca (Syf)
PRINT HEAD-In Motion (demo)
PARKING LOT-Spaeti Master (from “Flennen No. 12,” Flennen)


PHAGOCYTE-Rat Thing (demo)
WANTED-Cheap Excuse (demo)
FLOWER-Last Chance For Life (demo)
FLOWER CITY-Apophenia (Esos Malditos)
YLEISET SYYT-Hyväntekijä (Sorry State)
VIDRO-Dansa (Kink)

NO KNUCKLE-Sanitation (House Of Tomothy)
MALFLORA-Mande (Thrilling Living)
RESEARCH REACTOR CORP.-Garbage Brains (Electric Outlet)
LAMICTAL-Side Effect (Goodbye Boozy)
GÓWNO-Syf (from “Wsplóna Sprawa,” Syf)
DUMPSTER RATS-The Rats Are Loose (Dirtbag Distro)

BAD BREEDING-Human Capital (Iron Lung)
RAT CAGE-In The Shadow Of The Bomb (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EXIL-Mercenary (Adult Crash)
S.O.H.-(You) Don’t Have To Wait (No Norms)
OHYDA-Kompführer (La Vida Es Un Mus)


IRREAL-Desorden (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SAVAGEHEADS-Heads Of State (Social Napalm)
SCIENCE MAN-Poach The Mind’s Eye (Feral Kid/Swimming Faith)
FLASH-Nazkauta Nitxiol (La Vida Es Un Mus)
GLAAS-Easy Living (Static Shock)
LIIEK-Object (Adagio 830)
SPREAD JOY-Chatter (Feel It)

CRISIS MAN-Flag Of Dread (ETT)
JUDY AND THE JERKS-Buford (Thrilling Living)
SNIFFANY AND THE NITS-The Unscratchable Itch (Prah)
DADDY’S BOY-Work Won’t Love You Back (Drunken Sailor)
NICFIT-Boundary (Upset! The Rhythm)
UNSANITARY NAPKIN-All Billionaires Are Bastards (Always Never Fun)

SVT-New Year (415) 

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