Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Sonic Overload 8/28/23

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EFFIGIES-Below The Drop (Ruthless) in memory of John Kezdy 

EFFIGIES-Bodybag (Ruthless)
EFFIGIES-Guns Or Ballots (from “Busted At Oz,” Autumn)
EFFIGIES-Quota/Techno’s Gone (Ruthless)
EFFIGIES-Coarse In Vein (Enigma)
EFFIGIES-Cheater (Fever)

METZ-Negative Space (Sub Pop)
CLOCKCLEANER-In The Shit (Reptilian)
BORZOI-Draino (Digital Hotdogs)
SOUPCANS-Parasite Brain (Telephone Explosion)
DESBORDE-Panico! (Yeah You!)
LAFFING GAS-The Gulch (Beach Impediment)


MACHO BOYS-Class Of 1984 (Neck Chop)
SNOBS-School Kids (My War)
WRECKS-High School Anthem (demo)
RED CROSS-I Hate My School (Posh Boy)
REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin/Tone)
VAINS-School Jerks (Dirt Knobby)
DISSIDENTS-Detention (Smog Veil)

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-Bob Barker Is Innocent (Pogostick) in memory of Bob Barker 
WHITE PAGES-Peace Or A Nice Apartment (Can’t Stand Ya!)
NEGATIVE DEGREE-One Horse Town (demo)
ABORTED TORTOISE-Malpractice (Goodbye Boozy)
SMIRK-Living In Hell (Feel It)
SULTRY-Offer Your Heart (Culture Desert)

DEVO-Uncontrollable Urge (Warner Bros.)
DEVO-Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin’) (Warner Bros.)
THE FALL-Hey! Student (Matador)


SNAILS-Big Mistake (Neck Chop)
DEAD MAMMALS-Desperate Like Me (Forbidden Place)
NOPES-Lithium Hop (Magentic Eye)
DYE-Savages With Power (Super Secret)
BLANK DOGS-Pieces (Troubleman United)

NECROS-Search For Fame (Touch and Go)
DAMAGERS-Again and Again (Deranged)
MACK ENEMY-Death From Beneath (demo)
RIXE-Nuit Rasoir (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LAFFF BOX-Talking (Turbo Discos)
EX PARENTS-Mania (Culture Desert)

BOBBY SOXX-Learn To Hate In The ‘80s (from “Bloodstains Across Texas”)
END RESULT-Children Die In Pain (Alona’s Dream)
CHICKENHEAD-Young Fidel (This Here)
KEBAB-Sully (Softspot)


KINETIC ORBITAL STRIKE-Escape (self-released)
ENZYME-Masquerade (Hardcore Victim)
VIDRO-Satan Bor I Mig (Kink)
PLANET ON A CHAIN-The Keeper and the Kept (Revelation)
SPAZM 151-Freedom/Tear It Up (Mind Control)

PIGBAG-Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag (Y)
SWINGERS RESORT-Movies (Swinging Singles)
O LEVEL-Pseudo Punk/O Level (Rev-Ola)

HERMAN BROOD-Saturday Night (Ariola)

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