Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sonic Overload 10/26/09

The Halloween special... and including an extra track of trick or.... OK, I won't be so lame as to say trick or treats. They're ALL treats, loyal listener. Recorded in two portions--the first was recorded on 10/23, before my shoulder surgery. I did the bonus set on the 26th itself because it's not a Halloween show without the Mummies and I missed a couple other bands, too...

Sonic Overload 10/26/09


MISFITS-Halloween (Caroline)
MISFITS-Wolfsblood (Caroline)

BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS-Ghoulish Reminders (Whisper In Darkness)
CULT RITUAL-Haunted Ground (Youth Attack)
PANDAMONIUM-Zombie Assault (One Percent)
ABLE DANGER-Zombie Generation (Feral Kid)
YOUTHS-Zombie Youth (Criminal IQ)

BAN THIS!-Creepy Crawl (Stress To Death)
GRIFFIN-The Phantom Of The Shocker (Moneytalks)
EVIL ARMY-Satan Made Me Do It (Get Revenge)
SPEND 4-Necrophila (ACME)
SPUDMONSTERS-Too Sick To Die (Smog Veil)
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-The Only Scary Thing About Halloween Is Your Fucking Face (from “Songs For The Witching Season,” Creep)

SCREAMING FEMALES-The Real Mothers (Don Giovanni)
RIPPERS-Demons and Witches (Screaming Apples)
THEE OH-SEES-Ghost In The Trees (Tomlab)
HEX DISPENSERS-Channel 13 Is Haunted (Alien Snatch)


BROKEN TOYS-Smash Some Pumpkins (Trashtone)
FREEZE-Halloween Night (Schizophrenic)
ROACH MOTEL-Frenzy (Destroy)
ROSEMARY’S BABIES-Dead Zone (Ghastly)
BRAINEATERS (Japan)-Eaters Never Die (Human Stench)

BRAINEATERS (Canada)-Braineater (self-released)
TATTOOED CORPSE-She Likes Pink (from “Ox Compilation #19”)
UNDEAD-I Want You Dead (Stiff)
DWARVES-Real Creepy (Recess)
STEAMING WOLF PENIS-Vampire Mustache (from “Funhouse Comp Thing,” MyFatAss)
DEADITES-Little Red Spider (from “Diggy Diggy Dead,” Rubble)
MONSTERS-I See Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm)

GHOULIES-No Devotion (Rockstar)
B-MOVIE RATS-Hallow’s Eve (from “Graveyard Drag Race,” Reptilian)
SKULLS-Victims (What)
CRAMPS-Zombie Dance (Zonophone)
LINK WRAY-Jack The Ripper (Rhino)


ZEKE-Season Of The Witch (Dead Teenager)
MUNICIPAL WASTE-Haunted Junkyard (Six Weeks)
BONES BRIGADE-Zombie Attack (Coalition)
GHOUL-We Came For The Dead (Tankcrimes)
VENOM-Blood Lust (Neat)

FANG-Diary Of A Mad Werrew├╝lf (Boner)
SCRATCH ACID-Monsters (Touch & Go)
GOD BULLIES-Creepy People (Amphetamine Reptile)
GIT SOME-Impending Zombie Apocalypse (1-2-3-4 Go!)
PPG-Zombies Don’t Thrash (from “The New Hope,” New Hope)

SOCIAL DISTORTION-The Creeps (Time Bomb)
JONESES-Graveyard Rock (SFTRI)
TRANSPLANTS-Braincase (Dionysus)
RICH KIDS-Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (Fan Club)


EDGAR WINTER GROUP-Frankenstein (Epic)
FLESH EATERS-See You In The Boneyard (Slash)
45 GRAVE-Black Cross (Goldar)
TSOL-Code Blue (Frontier)
CHRISTIAN DEATH-Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)

SONICS-The Witch (Etiquette)
CORDS-Ghost Power (from “Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz,” Arf! Arf!)
FRANTICS-Werewolf (Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk) (Collector’s Choice)
KINGSMEN-Haunted Castle (Wand)

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Halloween (Polydor)

TRACK 5 (Bonus!)

SLAYER-Evil Has No Boundaries (Metal Blade)
GHOUL SQUAD-Little Wolves (Pusmort)
MUMMIES-Your Ass (Is Next In Line) (Hangman)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Vampires In Heat (Florida’s Dying)
SCREAMERS-Thru The Flames (boot)
VON DRATS-Uncle Fester’s Blues (from “The Spooky, Swingin’ Sounds of Kreepsville Manor,” Headless Spectre)

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