Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sonic Overload 5/23/11

So the Rapture didn’t happen after all. I can’t say I’m that disappointed. I’m not sure I would have been able to continue doing the show wherever it was that I ended up. I almost feel sorry for all those saps who quit their jobs, sold their possessions, etc. ALMOST sorry, that is.

I mentioned this on the show but I was asked to DJ my nephew Josh’s 16th birthday party last Friday. I warned my sister that I was out of the loop when it came to any current popular music but she said whatever I played would be fine. Famous last words! The question was how to do it. I didn’t want to schlep my turntables and mixer over and have to pick out a bunch of records and CD’s for this particular “job.” I originally thought about running my iPod through the mixer but decided to download and try the Virtual DJ program on my laptop. With my external hard drive, I had access to tens of thousands of songs. All I had to take with me was a receiver to use as a power amp to plug into the speakers that were provided for me and I ran my computer into the receiver. It felt kind of weird. It was easy enough—think of a song, do a search, plug it into the program. Turns out one of the kids was a fan of Slayer. He also liked pop-punk and enjoyed the Descendents and Dillinger Four songs I played for him. I did play a few songs off Josh’s computer too—man, Eminem really DOES suck, doesn’t he? I can’t even remember the names of the other artistes I played. I didn’t have to DJ that long anyway since the kids decided to go outside for awhile.

But that’s not DJ-ing to me. It was fine for this situation, in terms of convenience, but I’d never do my radio show that way. My set-up might look complicated and it does take effort to pull and organize the music, set up the gear and go through the process of recording the show but it’s worth it and that’s how it should be done, dammit!

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of wrestling great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, who died in a car accident last week at the too-young age of 58.

Sonic Overload 5/23/11


STRETCH MARKS-Turnbuckle Stomp (BYO) in memory of Randy “Macho Man” Savage

DON AUSTIN-Seven Days And Seven Nights Of Arson (Rubber City)
LILI Z.-Nix! Nix! Nix! (In The Red)
DELTA 72-Go Go Kitty (from “Flaming Burnout,” Man’s Ruin)
DEAD WIFE-DWSYHF (Psychic Handshake/No Vacation)
DVA DAMAS-Man Skin Pants (Psychic Handshake)
FAT DAY-Duro Duro (from “No Fate,” HG Fate)

SPASTIC PANTHERS-I Can’t Make The Scene (Without Caffeine) (Handsome Dan)
JANITOR-Negative Wax (Agro-Wax)
LEATHER-Novitiate (Jade Tree)
BURNING SENSATION-Brainfucker (Vertex)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Fat City Address (from upcoming 7”)

DWYERS-Payday (Airston)
GRAY MATTER-Fill A Void (Dischord)


PSYCHED TO DIE-Onward Armageddon (Dirtnap)
CONFIDENCE MEN-Karma Plague (Art Fraud)
SHIRKS-Prostitution Summer (Grave Mistake)
HOSPITAL RATS-Some Kinda Love (demo)
HEX DISPENSERS-Doomsday Romantic (Douchemaster)
ORIGINAL THREE-This Way Is The Way I’m Walking (Empty)

DESPERATE HOURS-Pictures Of A Wordless Victim (Crasher)
GET RAD-The Kids (Halo of Flies)
POISON PLANET-Undermine (ThirdXParty)
FOURTEEN OR FIGHT-Godless America (Gloom)
THE SPARK-Time Bomb (Mike Fitzgerald)
COKE BUST-Deathbed (Grave Mistake)

OUTCASTS-Gangland Warfare (Abstract)
BLOODSPORT-Hangman’s Dance (Homestead)
MAN SIZED ACTION-Fifty-Seven (Reflex)
LA PESTE-Spymaster (demo)


AGENT ORANGE-Too Young To Die (Posh Boy)
AGRESSION-Rat Race (from “Someone Got Their Head Kicked In,” BYO)
MIA-Small Man In A Big World (Alternative Tentacles)
CHINA WHITE-Nightlife (Frontier)
OFFENDERS-On The Crooked Edge (Kangaroo)
DRI-I Don’t Need Society (Beer City)

PIRATES-I Can Tell (Warner Bros.)
ZULUS-Can’t Wait To Tell You The News (Greenworld)
STITCHES-Automatic (TKO)
TELCOMMANDE-Telecommande (demo)

ONE SIZE FITS ALL-Rock Bottom The Act (HG Fact)
CLOROX GIRLS-Vietnam (Smartguy)
TRAGICS-Mommi I’m A Misfit (Loud Punk)
LEGAL WEAPON-Pow Pow (Arsenal)


WHITE LUNG-Loose Heels (Deranged)
PREDATOR-Archetype (Douchemaster)
EYACULACION POST MORTEM- La Mate Porque Era Fea (La Oscura Ceremonia)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE-No More Hollow Doors (Vinyl On Demand)
SPIZZENERGI-Mega City 3 (Cherry Red)
YEAR FUTURE-Each Others Futures (GSL)

UNDERTONES-I Gotta Getta (Sire)
SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout (Cleopatra)
999-Nobody Knows (United Artists)
SAINTS-Know Your Product (Sire)

PERE UBU-Final Solution (DGC)

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