Monday, June 13, 2011

Sonic Overload 5/30/11

Memorial Day 2011. No extraneous audio clips but I play more songs that are “on topic” than I have in recent years. While putting the show together, I had on some sports radio shows and the hosts all paused to remember those who are serving in the military and, to paraphrase their words, are protecting our freedom. I have to ask how the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, with the killing of countless innocent civilians, is protecting my freedom? Or any of the other overseas military conflicts going back several decades? I’ll honor the memory of those who lost their lives (often needlessly) while condemning the so-called leaders who continue to engage in this madness...

Sonic Overload 5/30/11


RED ROCKERS-Dead Heroes (415)

THE FIX-Off To War (Touch & Go)
KORO-Dear Sirs (Sorry State)
SPECIAL FORCES-Dead Soldier (Boner)
KARNAGE-The Few, The Proud, The Dead (from “Not So Quiet On The Western Front,” Alternative Tentacles)
NEGATIVE FX-The Few, The Proud (Taang)
EXPLOITED-Dogs Of War (Captain Oi)

MIKEY WILD AND THE MAGIC LANTERNS-I Hate New York (Bulb) in memory of Mikey Wild
GIRLS-Dope Disguised As Nuns (Dirtnap)
XPOZEZ-Democrazy (Grand Theft Audio)
NIGHT BIRDS-No Way Home (Grave Mistake)
GONE BAD-Let The Poison Out (self-released)

PIG CHILDREN-Grand Ole Flag (Savage Beat)
BORN WITHOUT A FACE-Maelstrom (from “There’s A Method To Our Madness,” We Bite)
NO ALLEGIANCE-Right Now (Destiny)
RAPPRESAGLIA-Attack (Agipunk)
MANIMAL-Bad News (Contagio)


GIL SCOTT-HERON-The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Arista) in memory of Gil Scott-Heron

GASMASK TERROR-Cold War (Ratbone)
LAUTSTURMER-In The Line Of Fire (Unrest)
VICTIMS-Broken Bones (Tankcrimes)
ANS-Can’t Let This Go (Tankcrimes)
DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION-Double Secret Probation (from “Welcome 2 Venice,” Built On An Ounce)

GOONS-Toy Soldiers (Reptilian)
SUSPECTS-Swords Of The Fallen (Torque)
SOLGER-Dead Solger (Empty)
NAKED RAYGUN-Surf Combat (Homestead)
NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS-Century Of Warfare (Kick ‘n’ Punch)
FU’S-Warlords (Gastanka)


WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-The Dead Sing This Hymn (Hardcore Holocaust)
KEGCHARGE-Medal Of Honor (Hardcore Holocaust)
DEATHREAT-The Generals Win Again (Partners In Crime)
CONQUEST FOR DEATH-Global Travel In A Zippered Bag (Wajlemac)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH-Hero’s Salute (Armageddon)
NAUSEA-Johnny Got His Gun (Alternative Tentacles)

CRAWLERS-Movies About Vietnam (Blind Spot)
NIGHTGAUN-Drone Attack (Primitive Future)
SHAVED CHRIST-Bury It (demo)
JESUS H BOMBS-I Brought The Apple (Bookoven/Tibs Ribs)
KICKER-Two Hats (Tankcrimes)
INSTANT ASSHOLE-Make Fuck, Buy War (Tankcrimes)

MAN AFRAID-Stars and Stripes Forever (Half-Mast)
TORCHES TO ROME-Mass For The Dead (Ebullition)
AS FRIENDS RUST-Like Strings (Spell It With A K) (Doghouse)
GARDEN VARIETY-Pretty Mouth (Gern Blandsten)
DISENCHANTED-And You Believe Them (Motherbox)
THIN LIZZY-The Boys Are Back In Town (Mercury)


AUTISTIC YOUTH-Soldiers (Black Water)
PROLETARIAT-Decorations (Taang)
THE JAM-Little Boy Soldiers (Polydor)
CHELSEA-Fools & Soldiers (Captain Oi)
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX-Soldier (Liberty)

KICKING SPIT-Way Out (Tankcrimes)
DAN WEBB AND THE SPIDERS-The Fall of ’08 (demo)
GUIDED BY VOICES-Auditorium (Matador)
UV RACE-Set Sail To Fail (Aarght!)
NEW SWEET BREATH-Go Away (Mag Wheel)

NO ALTERNATIVE-Johnny Got His Gun (from “SF Underground,” Subterranean)

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