Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #10, 6/19/13

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LIMP WRIST-Does Your Daddy Know? (Cheap Art)

INFERNO-Wodka (Mulleimer)
INDIGESTI-Silenzio Statico (TVOR)
ENGLISH DOGS-Psycho Killer (Clay)
CAPITAL SCUM-Target (Hageland)
ROCKY & THE SWEDEN-Smoking Slugger (Partners In Crime)

ORGANIZED SPORTS-So Proud Of Him (Bulkhead)
WRECKAGE-White House Spokesperson (demo)
CONFINES-Bait and Switch (Side Two)
BURNT CROSS-Too Many Graves (Loud Punk)
CIRIL-Hell Fell Down Again (Know)
BROKEN PRAYER-What Did You Expect? (Sorry State)

TYVEK-Returns (In The Red)
BLOW UP-You Got Sound (Empty)
DRAGS-Cannible (Estrus)
BRIDES-Get To You (Rip Off)

ILL REPUTE-Count The Odds (Grand Theft Audio)
DON’T NO-Member of Society (Mystic)
SICK PLEASURE-I Wanna Burn My Parents (Subterranean)
TSOL-Property Is Theft (Posh Boy)
ALLEY CATS-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse)

DESPISED-Probation (Kangaroo)
GUILTY FACES-Some Things (demo)
PLASMATICS-Monkey Suit (Stiff)
DIDJITS-Sweet Sweet Satan (Touch & Go)

MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?-Lo Batt. (Touch & Go)
NO TREND-For The Fun Of It All (No Trend)
SERVOTRON-Moving Parts (Amphetamine Reptile)

DEAD NATION-We’re Dead/Panic Attack (Slaughterhouse)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION-Deadbeats (Cult Hardcore)
POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT-The Good Times Are Killing Me (Nation of Finks)
REGRESS-Reagan’s Disease (Boot Camp)
THE POGO-Police War (Loud Punk)
HUMPY-America Online (Beer City)

TOKYO STORM WARNING-Spy Hunter (self-released)
GODHEADSILO-Lotion Pocket (from “Dope Guns and Fucking In The Streets Volumes 8-11,” Amphetamine Reptile)
HELMET-Impressionable (from “Dope Guns and Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4-7,” Amphetamine Reptile)
WRECK-Postkill (Play It Again Sam)

SNFU-I’m Real Scared (BYO)
PERSONALITY CRISIS-People In Glass (Risky)
NIHILISTICS-Welfare For The Rich (Braineater)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Sit There (Combat Core)

BLACK FORK-I Hate Yer Music (Mess Me Up)
RED AUNTS-Tin Foil Fish Bowl (Epitaph)
FAGGOT-The Cleaner (Selfish Satan)
BAD NOIDS-The Ones (Katorga Works)
AVO-Gearheads Suck (Even Worse/Kangaroo)

CIRCLE JERKS-I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills (Frontier)
THE PIST-Destroy Society (Havoc)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE-Mudslinger (Feral Ward)
COCK SPARRER-Take ‘Em All (Taang)
BLITZKRIEG-The Future Must Be Ours (No Future)
EJECTED-East End Kids (Captain Oi)

MINUTEMEN-Little Man With A Gun In His Hand (SST)

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  1. Great show, or at least it looks like a great show. The link is for a show back in May (and, yes, I downloaded it to check).