Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sonic Overload 6/24/13

Goddamn, it’s HOT here. In the low 90s while I was recording it. In the meantime, next week is the first week of July and you know what that means... the annual Sonic Overload SALUTE TO AMERICA!

On a different note, I’m having a fundraiser to generate funds to upgrade my microphone and do some maintenance on the other equipment. So if you’re able to make a donation, I’d really appreciate it. Any amount is fine. PayPal to and please label it as a gift. Thanks!

Sonic Overload 6/24/13


REZILLOS-Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight (Sire) in memory of Alastair Donaldson aka William Mysterious)

MANIPULATION-Back Of The Yards (Sorry State)
SICKOIDS-Funeral (Grave Mistake/Sorry State)
SOUND OF FAILURE-8848 (Cheap Art)
MISSIONARY-Kill Me (demo)
VIOLENT FUTURE-War On The Streets (Slasher)
LIFE SET STRUGGLE-Retarded Song (Shock To The System)

BROWN SUGAR-Candy (Cowabunga)
TV FREAKS-Freelancer (Schizophrenic)
BAD SKIN-Scabs (Bad Vibrations)
IN SCHOOL-Stand Up Or Die (demo)
LA PIOVRA-Tentacoli (Youth Attack)

DOUBLE-O-There’s No Reasoning (R&B)
SUBURBAN MENACE-Get Out Of My Way (from “All Your Ears Can Hear,” AYECH International)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH-Show No Mercy (Deeder Deets)
MALIGNANT GROWTH-Hopeless (from “The Master Tape Vol. 2,” Affirmation)
WAR OF DESTRUCTION-Nazisvin (Grand Theft Audio)


THE INSTIGATION-Brainwashed (self-released)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-Sunday Breakdown (Dead Beat)
BLINDS-10 Geeks In A Tree (Wasted Sounds)
WILD CHILD-You Know Rough (demo)
COACHWHIPS-Mr. Hyde (Narnack)
THEE OH SEES-Dead Energy (Castle Face)

GAS RAG-Abort Them (Beach Impediment)
KREMLIN-Anti Septic (Grave Mistake)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE-Reactionary Illusions (Grave Mistake)
INSURANCE RISK-Broken Hearts (Crucial Response)
PLAN OF ATTACK-Goodbye, Fuck You (Organized Crime)
WASTE MANAGEMENT-Dead Weight (Painkiller)
INFEST-Controlled Violence (Draw Blank)

MANIACS-Chelsea 77 (United Artists)
MAGAZINE-Touch and Go (Virgin)
THE TABLE-Sex Cells (Chiswick)
NEW HEARTS-Just Another Teenage Anthem (CBS)
CHOP-SAKIS-Shoot To Kill (Little Deputy)
TRIGGERS-Let’s Mutate (Dirtnap)


SAD BOYS-No Friends (from “Ground Zero,” Toxic State)
GRUK-Inconsiderate (demo)
I OBJECT-Chopping You Down (Still Holding On)
B.U.S.H.-Dave Smalley (from “Internationally Pist 2,” Punks Before Profits)
CRIPPLED OLD FARTS-So Thorn Inside (Shogun)
DEXTER CHUMLEY ATTACK-Whatever Happened To Todd Fescone? (Rubber City)
THE SPARK-Timebomb (Mike Fitzgerald)

COMMODITY CULTURE-Stop Blaming The Victim (demo)
LA FRACTION-La Peur D’exister (Crash Disques)
PITCH BLACK-Undefeated (Cheetah’s)
JUANITA Y LOS FEOS-No Tengo Ritmo (Dead Beat)
ZOUNDS-Can’t Cheat Karma (Broken)

FRAMTID-Ashes To Ashes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
RAPPA-Jigokunoparty (demo)
DSB-Fake (Devour)
COP ON FIRE-Asco (Inimical)
GASMASK TERROR-Terror Mongers (Solar Funeral)
HERATYS-Turhuuden Tuhra (La Familia)


TUXEDOMOON-What Use? (Ralph)
LOS MICROWAVES-Time To Get Up (Posh Boy)
B-MOVIE-Marilyn Dreams (Deram)

WONGS-Got A Urge (Rip Off)
SUGAR SHACK-Fun, Fun, Fun... My Ass (Au-Go-Go)
PUSSY GALORE-Cunt Tease (Caroline)
LEFT NUT-Everything It Takes To Be An Asshole (One Way)
BROKEN IDOLS-Life Sux (demo)
DANGEROUS GIRLS-I Don’t Want To Eat (With The Family) (Happy Face)

CHEAP TRICK-Auf Wiedersehen (Epic)

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