Monday, November 24, 2014

Sonic Overload 11/10/14

It’s almost a week after the elections, with the Republicans taking over the Senate and expanding their majority in the House. I covered it pretty well on the Stench Radio show last week but touch on it briefly this week. One thing I did forget to mention was Obama’s plan to send more troops to Iraq. Wonderful... soon, there will be even more veterans to honor on Veterans Day. I’m not saying that to disparage any veterans but just point out that it’s a shame this has to continue. And one hopes that the Republican-controlled Congress won’t turn their backs on the veterans by cutting programs that assist them... or cut any other valuable social programs for that matter but we know how that’ll probably come out.

Enough... enjoy the show... which I begin with a tribute of sorts to the tearing down of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago this past weekend...

Sonic Overload 11/10/14


SEX PISTOLS-Holidays In The Sun (Warner Bros.)

DI-Hang Ten In East Berlin (Rejects)
CRUDDY-Berlin Wall (Basement Scream/Let’s Pretend)
AUSMUTEANTS-No Motivation (Goner)
CRIME-Terminal Boredom (Kitten Charmer)

2X4-The Law Is Theirs (demo)
DISCO ASSAULT-Beggar & The Ballot (self-released)
SHITTY NIGHTS-Maybe One Day (demo)
PISSING MATCH-Go Get Your Gun (demo)
RAD-Never Turn Your Back On A Mosh (Sacramento/Phono Select)
CISMA-Sigue Luchando (demo)
FIRMEZA 10-Trastorno Mental (self-released)

WRECKING CREW-Guts and Glory (Vortex)
YOUTH BRIGADE-Snow Job (Recollect)
ANTI-PASTI-Call The Army (I’m Alive) (Rondolet)


HERO DISHONEST-Yet, What Do We Accomplish? (IfSociety)
LONG KNIFE-Wilderness (self-released)
GAS RAG-Drugs and Violence (Beach Impediment)
EEL-Pacifism Won’t Win Fight (Mind Cure)
FINAL WORD-Fuck Christian Sympathy (from “Fuck Detroit, This Is Grand Rapids,” Punks Before Profits)
GLUE-Backwards Society (Katorga Works/Toxic State)

FLEECE-Sheets (demo)
GOOSEBUMPS-Grease Boy (Katorga Works)
POP. 1280-Dawn Of Man (Sacred Bones)
EX-CULT-Not A Threat (Goner)

SEX DWARF-Slavery (Konton Crasher)
SOTATILA-Vituiks Meni (Havoc)
EXECUTE-Going Back (Pusmort)
DISORDER-More Than Fights (Anagram)
APPENDIX-Suicide (Propaganda)


FURY-Circle Of Lies (Jade Tree)
THE FAITH-In The Black (Dischord)
DOVE-Ambivalence (from “Bouncing Babies,” R&B)
LOS ROOKS-Right Wing Rising (Vendor)
ALERTA ROJA-Rutinaria (Lengua Armada)
PARUZIJA-Juda (Hyperion)

INSTITUTE-Familiar Stranger (Sacred Bones)
YI-Crying (self-released)
DAMAGED HEAD-Antiheroes (Man In Decline)
SHITTY LIMITS-Vehicle (Sorry State)
CLONE DEFECTS-Cheap Livin’ (Tom Perkins)

FARANG-If You’re Not Now You Never Were (self-released)
WIRE-106 Beats That (EMI)
ARCWELDER-Truth (Touch and Go)
SKIDS-Circus Games (Virgin)


SLINT-Good Morning Captain (Touch and Go)
MODERN DELUSION-Lost In Fear (Doomtown)
DIVIDED MINDS-Temporary Lunacy (Doomtown/Crapoulet)
CATHOLIC GUILT-Futile Attempts (Cut The Cord That.../Doomtown)

SAVAGEHEADS-Trained Killer (Twerp/Xploit)
OBLITERATIONS-Head Wound (Southern Lord)
PARTY PLATES-Kidnapping Quatro (Non-Commercial)
LOAD-Haitian Incantation (from “Six Pack To Go,” Stiff Pole)

GANG OF FOUR-He’d Send In The Army (Warner Bros.)

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