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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #75, 10/22/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 10/22/14

SET TO EXPLODE-Feel The Rage (Grave Mistake)

S.H.I.T.-Mockery (Lengua Armada)
KONTAMINAT-Timeless (Lengua Armada)
PROTESTER-Left To Rot/Break (Trash King)
STERILIZED-Days Of Terror (Warthog Speak)
SOME NERVE-Strong Hand (demo)
BOSTON STRANGLER-Broken Spirit (self-released)

COLLUSION-Don’t Care (demo)
SCUZZ-Commit To Quit/Death Machine (demo)
BREAKOUT-Fill Your Boots (Grave Mistake)
BILL BONDSMEN-Terrible Diagnosis (Rust On The Blade)

ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Last Night Another Soldier (EMI)
UNDERDOGS-Dead Soldier (Riot City)
MAJOR ACCIDENT-Clockwork Toys (Step-Forward)
EXPLOITED-Attack (Secret)
CHAOTIC DISCHORD-City Claustrophobia (Dead Ringer)
RIOT/CLONE-Death To Humanity (from “The Very Best of Punk & Disorderly,” Anagram)

GOLDEN ERROR-New Weather Paranoia (The Hard Sell)
BA’AD TRIP-Kill Me (demo)
POST TEENS-Polyamory (No Idea)
MOTORAMA-Gossip Reputation (Dead Beat)
BEASTMAN-Retaliate (Jelly Music)
SONNY VINCENT & SPITE-Bad Superstition (Ultramafic)

DEAD ONES-Social Treat (Busted Heads)
RACE TO DIE-Skate Or Die (demo)
SMART X BOMB-Stink, Don’t Sink (demo)
KEEP LAUGHING-Refuse To Fight (demo)
SELF DEFENSE-Mission From God (Wintermute)
BLANK STARE-Saying What You Say (self-released)

GAUNT-Rich Kid (Thrill Jockey)
RICH KIDS-Ghosts Of Princes In Towers (Fan Club)
SUBWAY SECT-Ambition (Rough Trade)
EMPIRE-Electric Guitar (Poorly Packaged)

SHOES THIS HIGH-Menace (Siltbreeze)
POOR LILY-Trap Door (self-released)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-Life Goes On (Mistake)
DROGUES-No Facts That Don’t Fit (Waxbrain)
HOT SNAKES-Past Lives (Swami)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Chatter (Hysteria)

DEATH WISH-Against The Grain (Disclaim)
STISISM-Up With Reagan (Mutha)
CHRONIC SICK-Public Suicide (Mutha)
FUCK UPS-I Think You’re Shit (Fowl)
SICK PLEASURE-Speed Rules (Subterranean)
NAUGHTY WOMEN-Fuck Yourself (from “High Road To Obscurity,” GTA)

DARVOCETS-Eyes Like Ants (Painkiller)
DAILY VOID-(Surprise Surprise) (Dead Beat)
SLOWMOTIONS-Makelove (Partners In Crime)
HOLOGRAMS-Transform (Captured Tracks)
KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey To Tyme (from “Nuggets, Vol. 2,” Rhino)

ALERTA ROJA-Sin Respuestas (Lengua Armada)
INFEKZIOA-Amnesia (Blindead)
THE BROOD-No Way Out (self-released)
MANLIFTINGBANNER-Dead Wrong (Crucial Response)
NOMOS-Witness (Deranged)

YUPPICIDE-Nice Guys Finish Last (Wreck-Age)
THE HORROR-Fuck The Romans (Chainsaw Safety)
KRAYS-Inside Warfare (Eyeball)
BAR FEEDERS-Super Pancho (Fastmusic)
BOTTLES AND SKULLS-Party Crasher (Sickroom)

LA PESTE-My Eyes (demo)

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