Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sonic Overload 7/6/15

Into July we go... the days are starting to get shorter. OK, relatively speaking they are. I’m not trying to wish away summer although I’m sometimes one of those people who dreads Labor Day in June and the summers seem to be shorter each year. Enough fixating on that—here’s some warm weather punk rock for your listening pleasure.

Sonic Overload 7/6/15


GRAY MATTER-Chutes and Ladders (Dischord)

AJAX-Appeal To Heaven (Static Shock)
BLAZING EYE-At The Gig (demo)
NUKE CULT-Mental Defective (demo)
CRAZY SPIRIT-People Follow (demo)
SIMFUCKERS-Homogenized Products (Video Disease)
CIVILIZED-Crossed (Youth Attack)

SAUNA YOUTH-The Bridge (Upset! The Rhythm)
ESTUPAS-Brigada Suicida (Hillside Strangler)
LUBE-Building Bombs With My Mom (demo)
DZK-Juventude (from “Ronda Alternativa,” Devil Discos)

FLYKILLS-Agencia (demo)
HALDOL-Laws Of Indifference (self-released)
NO FORM-Goddess Of Fire (Static Shock)


MICK FARREN & THE DEVIANTS-Outrageous Contagious (Stiff)
THE KLAN-Pushin’ Too Hard (Posh Boy)
MX-80 SOUND-Follow That Car (Ralph)
KILLING JOKE-The Fall Of Because (EG)

MUNDO MUERTO-Desorden Antisocial (Charged//Distorted)
NO SLOGAN-Senseless Violence (A Wrench In The Gears)
ESKE-Resist The Enemy (from “Ratas de Ciudad,” SouthKore)
PERDITION-This Is Hell (Mountains Of Madness)
PEACEBASTARD-The Sirens (from “Berlin Tristesse,” HeartFirst)

SUICIDE COMMANDOS-Complicated Fun (from “Big Hits of Mid-America Volume Three,” Twin-Tone)
PUBLIC IMAGE LTD.-No Birds (Warner Bros.)
LURKERS-Out In The Dark (Captain Oi)


DETHFOX-Fearpope Departure (Chaos Rural)
PIG DNA-Knife Play (Nightrider)
ACTIVE MINDS-Loyal To What (Loony Tunes)
SIEGE-F-Minus (Armageddon)
DARK ANGEL-The Burning Of Sodom (Combat)

HANGMEN-Faces (Monument)
KEITH KESSLER-Don’t Crowd Me (from “Pebbles Vol. 3,” ESD)
CONEHEADS-Lizard Lady (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
ZOMBOS-Vulva Death (demo)
FLYIN’ TRICHECOS-Death To False Drugs (Mastermind)
SPITES-Stayin’ Out (Rip Off)

360’S-Illuminated (Link)
SWIRLIES-Didn’t Understand (Taang)
POSIES-Grant Hart (DGC)


SYNTHETIC ID-Brain Spiral (1-2-3-4, Go!)
DOGMATIST-All You Can Be (Adult Crash)
PORD-What Are Tuesdays For? (Solar Flare)
METZ-Kicking A Can of Worms (Sub Pop)

LOVE BATTERY-Between The Eyes (Sub Pop)
NEW MODEL ARMY-Vengeance (Abstract)
ONE LAST WISH-One Last Wish (Dischord)

WARGASM-Revenge (Profile)

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