Friday, January 29, 2016

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #132, 1/20/16

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 1/20/16


LIVIDS-Nerve-Wrecked (Oops Baby)
KLAUS-Marine A (demo)
KILL-A-WATTS-Snotty Bastard (Yakisakana)
BUGS AND RATS-Boys Are Dumb (Feeding Tube)
ROSE CROSS-Barn Burner (Dead Tank)
RÜZ-Drug Cult (Lumpy)
FLIP SHIT-Peace Talk (demo)

YOUNG GODS-Dame Chance (Play It Again Sam)
COCTEAU TWINS-In Our Angelhood (4AD)
TELECOMMANDE-Telecommande (demo)
NINPULATORS-Career Coma (demo)

DRONEZ-Predator Drones (self-released)
BLANK SPELL-Proof (World Gone Mad/Cruel Noise)
GAG-Pretty Boy (Iron Lung)
POP. 1280-Phantom Freighter (Sacred Bones)
JESUS & MARY CHAIN-Jesus Fuck (Rhino)

SIEGE-Conform (Deep Six)
DEADLINE-M.A.D. (Peterbilt)
BEAVER-Trendy (Choice Cuts)
JACK SHIT-Follow The Leader (from “We Got Power: Party or Go Home,” Mystic)
BELCHING PENGUIN-Dead People Can’t Drive (Burrito)
DRI-I Don’t Need Society (Beer City)
LOST CAUSE-Firing Line (High Velocity)

MONGOLOID-Attends (demo)
REAL LOSERS-She Was Dumb (Squirrel)
WOODBOOT-Smash Your Face (Erst Theke Tonträger)
CONEHEADS-Way Things Am (Erst Theke Tonträger)
FUZZBOX-Console Me (Geffen)
BLOWFLY-Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho? (Alternative Tentacles) in memory of Clarence “Blowfly” Reid

NEO-Tran-Sister (Jet)
JOE JACKSON-Got The Time (A&M)
TIGHTS-Howard Hughes (Cherry Red)

BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Schwarz Vor Schwerzer Wand (S-S)
THE MISS-French New Wave (Morphius)
BIG CRUX-Boys To Men (Iron Lung)

KNIFE FIGHT-Burning Bridges Pt. 1 (My War)
MIND CONTROL-Robot (Forward)
COKE BUST-Countdown To Death (Six Weeks)
GIVE UP-Just Another Adult (Peterwalkee)
SCHOLASTIC DETH-Kill ‘Em With Politics (625)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Fuck That (Insurgence)
VIOLENT ARREST-Our Dearly Deported (Boss Tuneage)
THE HORROR-Fuck The Romans (Chainsaw Safety)

ATTACK SS-Where Is The Future? (from “What A Hell Fukushima,” Human Recovery Project)
JAWS-I Did This All Myself (MSI)
EU-VOSTOLIITTO-Punk-Polisi (demo)
THE SYSTEM-Repetition (Skuld)
BUTTOCKS-Army Life (Weird System)
JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)

ELECTRIC EYE-Soul Is What’s Happening (Dirtnap)
UNSANE-Blame Me (Amphetamine Reptile)
RATS IN THE WALL-Take Two (demo)
THUMBS-Ribbon Men (Adeline)
JOHNS-Cemetery (Peterwalkee)

CAPTAIN BEYOND-Mesmerization Eclipse (Capricorn)

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