Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sonic Overload 2/1/16

First off, thanks to everyone who donated to help pay for my new turntable, which arrived last week—an Audio-Technica AT-LP-120. It’s a beauty.

There are times when things/people let you down or make you feel down. Not even anything debilitating, just having stuff on your mind that causes a bit of an emotional sag. Anyway, doing this show provides a respite from all that. Hopefully, it does the same for those of you who need the same thing...

Sonic Overload 2/1/16


BLITZ-New Age (Future)

RUNNING-No Wave Jose (Castle Face)
HO99O9-Savage Heads (demo)
FUNERAL CONE-Foil Hats (100% Breakfast)

PARASYTES-Paranoid Visions (Distort Reality)
EXIT ORDER-Take The Bait (Side Two)
ETA-I’m Not Like You (PFC)
OOZE-No Brrrn (Not Normal)
SHORT FUSE-Turbojugend Sucks (Underestimated)
SHORT CHANGED-Fuck You, Fight Me (Rodent Popsicle)
BANxTHIS!-I Love Glam Girls (Part II) (Agipunk)

RAZZIA-B-Alarm (Weird System)
FEEDERZ-Dead Bodies (Broken)
THE LEWD-Polluted Brain (Chuckie Boy)
NAKED RAYGUN-Rat Patrol (Homestead)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE-Understand (Dr. Strange)


PUBLIC IMAGE LTD-Low Life (Virgin)
MONORCHID-A Was For Anarchy (Touch and Go)
BANDAGES-Tokyo Carwash (Sorry State)
KILSLUG-Sick Sick Sick (At War With False Noise)
WEIRD PARTY-Sarah Palin (Sex & Death)

TILTWHEEL-The Box (Liquid Meat)
BIG EYES-Back From The Moon (Grave Mistake)
VEXX-Sleeping In The Attic (Katorga Works)
TENEMENT-(Messy Endings) In Middle America (Cowabunga)
GLOW GOD-Could Be Worse (Dust House/Play Pinball)


FRAU-EBD (self-released)
LA MISMA-Moradia (Toxic State)
UDÜSIC-Mature (Painkiller)
NÜ SENSAE-Swim (Suicide Squeeze)
ARCTIC FLOWERS-Crusaders + Banshees (Inimical)

CØNDITIØN-Dead Memory (Iron Lung)
DRONEZ-Fuck You and All You Don’t Stand For (self-released)
BÜMBKLÄÄTT-Birds of Prey (Prank)
LOWEST FORM-Droppin’ Badboys (Iron Lung)
DEATH SIDE-Cut The Throat (Feral Ward)

MINK DEVILLE-Gunslinger (Capitol)
ED GEIN’S CAR-Boo Fuckin’ Hoo (self-released)
X-Beyond and Back (Slash)
ANGRY SAMOANS-Somebody To Love (Triple X) in memory of Paul Kantner


COLD BEAT-Cracks (Crime On The Moon)
TRAUMA HARNESS-E Burst (Rat King/Lumpy)
HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “Terminal Decay” Artcore)
AQUARIAN BLOOD-Come Unglued (Goner)

JESUS H BOMBS-I Bought The Apple (Bookoven/Tibs Ribs)
DON AUSTIN-Seven Days and Seven Nights Of Arson (Rubber City)
VOID-Condensed Flesh (Dischord)
SAVAGE CIRCLE-Don’t Do It (Big City)
DIABLESSE GRUPP 6-Fodd I Far (from “Varning For Punk,” Distortion)
RED SQUARES-Time Change (Rave Up)
ROLLERBALL-Savage Eyes (Sing Sing)
FIRE ENGINES-Candyskin (Domino)

ATV-Life (Cherry Red)

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