Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #135, 2/10/16

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 2/10/16

AUS ROTTEN-The System Works For Them (Tribal War

BLOOD PRESSURE-Need To Control (Beach Impediment)
CLASSHOLE-Breathing Down My Neck (Terror Cult)
MERCENARY-Dogs Of Death (demo)
SUBURBANITE-Not The Same (Youth Attack)
DAUOYFLIN-Turblettir (demo)
TOTAL ABUSE-DNA Evidence (Deranged)

COME ‘N GO-Chateau Phoquoeupe (Voodoo Rhythm)
CONSTANT MONGREL-Be Crystal (R.I.P Society)
DIRTBOMBS-Stuck In Thee Garage (In The Red)
SWAMP RATS-Hey Freak (Get Hip)

NO JUSTICE-Political Scheme (Underestimated)
SHARK ATTACK-Blood In The Water (Reflections)
NO TIME LEFT-Indentured Servant (demo)
OUTLAST-Get Into The Pit (Bridge Of Compassion)
VIOLENT OUTBURST-Shoot ‘Em Up (Agitate/Tension Head)
NO PARADE-No Parade (Partners In Crime)

READ YELLOW-The Association (Fenway)
ALLOY-Unafraid (Bitzcore)

KNIFE THE SYMPHONY-Squatting Warrior (Phratry)
ZEBRAS-The Mighty Bayonet (Secret)
RATIONAL ANIMALS-Crumbling Buildings (Katorga Works)
CROSS STITCHED EYES-Suffer (Alternative Tentacles)
HELIOS CREED-The Federation (Amphetamine Reptile)

FRAU-Nada (demo)
DELTA 5-You (Rough Trade)
APB-Talk To Me (Link)
LACK OF INTEREST-A Prayer and A Bomb (GTA)

RAT BASTARDS-Contaminated Minds (Will E. Survive)
DISGRUNTLED NATION-Small Town, Smaller Minds (Pink House)
APE ATTACK-Useless (Yellow Dog)
BARRICADE-Mental Suicide (HG Fact)
TOMORROW-Persona (Answer)
SPEND4-Out Of Sight (ACME)
POIKKEUS-Systeemiin Paska (Crust War)

GBH-Gunned Down (Clay)
TRIP 6-Just Us (GTA)
KRAYS-Inside Warfare (Eyeball)
DISKONECTED-New War (Loud Punk)
INFA RIOT-Kids of the 80’s (Westworld)

COLD MEAT-Sidewalk Surgery (Helta Skelta)
TV SLIME-Talk To Me (self-released)
MEMORY HOLE-Gave Up (demo)
TOTAL DICKS-Ugly Bitch (demo)
WRIGGLE-Cut U Open (demo)
PREFECTURE-Swill (self-released)

VALENTINE KILLERS-St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (Yeah, It’s Rock)
HUMPERS-Plastique Valentine (Epitaph)
PAGANS-What’s This Shit Called Love? (Crypt)
HAMICKS-I Don’t Believe In Valentine’s Day (Big Jerk)
NIXE-Love Song (from “Seven-Vijtvig,” Rock Against)

SNUFF-Not Listening (Sixth International)

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