Friday, October 28, 2011

Sonic Overload 10/17/11

Siege were one of the greatest local hardcore bands I ever saw—a terrifying, ravaging sound that attacked aurally and physically. The three musicians in Siege would pound their instruments to a bloody pulp but were tight as hell. At the center of this storm was their vocalist Kevin Mahoney, who was listed as Screaming Kev Mahoney on the hand-written lyric sheet given to me by their guitar player Kurt when he gave me a copy of their demo. The covers hadn’t been printed yet. It’s a prized possession and I lost count of how many times I copied that demo for people over the years until it finally saw release on CD and vinyl. They were the real deal. I don’t think they played more than 10 shows and I saw 3 or 4 of them (I’d have to check). They didn’t even have that large a local following while they were an active band although they did eventually build an audience here. As for Screaming Kev, the name fit. He’d howl and scream and flail himself around the stage and even play saxophone for their dirge “Grim Reaper.” Kevin passed away suddenly late last week at the too-young age of 46 and this week’s show goes out in his memory. Rest in peace.

Meanwhile, the “Occupy” protests continue to spread around the country. There’s the inevitable backlash from the usual right-wing elements but more people are making themselves heard. No audio from those events this week but I do have some very special audio at the top of the second set. You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Sonic Overload 10/17/11


SIEGE-Conform (Deranged) in memory of Kevin Mahoney

SIEGE-Cold War (Deranged)
SIEGE-Starvation (Deranged)
SIEGE-Drop Dead (Deranged)
DROPDEAD-Another Stone (Armageddon)
DRY HUMP-All You Can Be (Sex Cult)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Man Made (Way Back When/Even Worse)

FOLDED SHIRT-no title (Live on WCSB)
WHITE LOAD-My Wall (Ken Rock)
INSERVIBLES-Asfixia (Shogun)
FINAL SOLUTIONS-Disco Eraser (Misprint)
MAD MEN-The Awakening (self-released)
TOTAL CONTROL-Stonehenge (Iron Lung)

THE FAITH-Untitled (Dischord)
THE VICIOUS-Illusions (Feral Ward)
OUT ON A LIMB-Competitive Eating (Taken By Surprise)
KICKING SPIT-Way Out (Tankcrimes)
THE ENERGY-Roach Spray (Team Science)


YOUTH BRIGADE-It’s About Time That We Had A Change (Dischord)

WARDS-Redneck (self-released)
REFLEX FROM PAIN-Rednecks (Death Threat)
NOTA-Redneck Mentality (Rabid Cat)
NEGATIVE ELEMENT-Just Be Yourself (Version Sound)
NARCS-Doppleganger (Reel Time)
DBCR-Let Them Eat Bikes (self-released)

MONSTERS-Whatcha Gonna Do (Voodoo Rhythm)
WAX MUSEUMS-Traffic Violation (Tic Tac Toally)
BRAIN F?-Sleep Rough (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)
PLASTIC IDOLS-Sophistication (Vision)

WHITE DRUGS-Black Wizard Gloaming (Amphetamine Reptile)
UZI-Criminal Child (Matador)


AGAINST EMPIRE-Wordsmiths (Profane Existence)

WARHEAD-Brain Washing By The Shocks (HG Fact)
MÖRPHEME-Mouchi Moumai (from “Noise Ordinance,” Maximum Rocknroll)
WOLFPACK-No Neo Bastards (Farewell)
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION-System Shit Lies (Radical HC)
KAAOS-Ei Ulospääsyä (Lost and Found)

PINKERTON THUGS-Murdered By The FBI (Police)
YOUNG LIONS-We Wanna Riot (Schizophrenic)
(IMPATIENT) YOUTH-Yankee Go Home (Frontline)
CHRON GEN-Mindless Few (Razor)

METAL URBAIN-Hysterie Connective (Byzz)
CHRISTIAN DEATH-Romeo’s Distress (Frontier)
LAUGHING HYENAS-Love’s My Only Crime (Touch & Go)


IN DEFENCE-Democracy Hi-Five (Profane Existence)
DEAD STOP-All I Can Take (Deranged)
TINO VALPA-Social Insect (Kangaroo/Way Back When)
MUCH WORSE-Tarred Lungs (No Way)
UNDERDOG-Say It To My Face (Bridge Nine)
YOUTH OF TODAY-Put It Aside (Caroline)

CLOAK/DAGGER-Don’t Need A (Jade Tree)
RANK/XEROX-Discipline (Make A Mess)
GENERAL INTEREST-Drunk Doctor (Ride The Snake)
DEFEKTORS-Bottom Of The City (Nominal)
COMA-Verre (from “Nouvelles du Front, Vol. 1”)


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