Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sonic Overload 10/3/11

So after a couple of weeks of protests on Wall Street, voices are being raised around the country as people get out and demand economic justice. That’s kind of a broad analysis of what’s going on but I think that’s what’s at the crux of this activism. And the mainstream media, which had largely the protests since they began, have started to pay attention. Part of it was due to some egregious police behavior, such as the unprovoked use of pepper spray on people in lower Manhattan by a rogue cop, Joseph Bologna, as well as the arrest of 700 non-violent protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge.

It boggles my mind that there are still people who support the banksters and the large corporations, who say that regulation is bad for the country. People who think that this is some sort of unamerican behavior. That’s the teabagger mentality and it’s a misguided notion. I don’t know all the answers—far from it—and maybe some people aren’t always sure what they’re protesting but when you’re unemployed, can’t afford life’s basic necessities and wonder what the future will bring, you can’t blame people for wanting to be heard, to make people understand what they’re dealing with. I start two of the sets with a few minutes of audio taken from a protest in Boston and a news report from Democracy Now...

Sonic Overload 10/3/11


CZOLGOSZ-No War But The Class War (Rodent Popsicle)

SYSTEMATIC DEATH-Just The Head (Way Back When)
STOCKPILE-Body Politic (Destroy Me)
CHAOTIC NEUTRAL-Collapse (Lawful Evil)
TINO VALPA-Reunion (Kangaroo/Way Back When)
POISON PLANET-Bleed For Me (Third Party)

VATICAN COMMANDOS-Why Must I Follow? (Pregnant Nun)
SMEGMA & THE NUNS-Napalm Sticks To Kids (demo)
NOTHING-Uniformz (from “Killed By Death #9”)
CATHOLIC BOYS-When Yer Not Here (Trick Knee)
REATARDS-Sick When I See (Empty)

NEIGHBORS-Lack Of Compassion (Six Weeks)
GHOULIES-The Company (Rockstar)
POISON IDEA-Rich Get Richer (Fatal Erection)
DILS-I Hate The Rich (Dionysus)
NO IDEA-Class War (Jayrem)


COLERA-Histeria (Order & Progress) in memory of Redson Pozzi
BEAR PROOF SUIT-We Won’t Repent (Urban Pirate)
HAIL MARY-Maimed (Vermiform)
RUIN-Where Fortune (Black Hole)

INSERVIBLES-No Nos Dieron Ni Madres (demo)
LOS WEBELOS-Maldita Pulga (Bazofia)
COCADICTOS-Fieles Siempre al Vicio (Bazopfia)
INSULTS-Population Zero (Brain Transplant)
S.A.D.-No Escape (Empty)

RATIONAL ANIMALS-Someone Like You (Katorga Works)
SOKEA PISTE-Collective Panic (Peterwalkee)
LIBERTY MADNESS-Sore Losers Vicious Circle (Kink/Sengaja)
ICEAGE-You’re Blessed (What’s Your Damage)
DUCK AND COVER-Candy Man (from “Noise Ordinance,” Maximum Rocknroll)
BRAIN F?-Seawall, See (Sorry State/Grave Mistake)


FUCKED UP-Police (Deranged)

RANK/XEROX-Turn To Stone (Make A Mess)
DAN RUSSELL (THE NEED)-Mind Split Open (Aggravation Overdose)
KNIFE THE SYMPHONY-Squatting Warrior (Phratry)
WRY-Blueprint To Nero (Forge)

OUT COLD-Like Clockwork (Kangaroo)
OUT COLD-High Maintenance (ACME)
IN DEFENCE-The Police Are Fuckin’ Rad! (Profane Existence)
CHAOS UK-What About A Future? (Dead Ringer)

RUTS-In A Rut (Virgin)
DEFECTS-Killer On The Streets (WXYZ)
SEAWEED-Kid Candy (Sub Pop)


NAIFA-Hoje (Faca Cega)
WHITE LUNG-Backhouse (Deranged)
ARCTIC FLOWERS-Fall To Pieces (Inimical)
NUCLEAR FAMILY-Hear This (demo)
DA!-Next To Nothing (Factory 25)

PEGBOY-Through My Fingers (Quarterstick)
DI-Stick To Your Guns (Reject)
NAKED RAYGUN-Tojo (Touch & Go)
EFFIGIES-Guns Or Ballots (from “Busted At Oz,” Autumn)

SOFT CELL-Sex Dwarf (Sire)

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