Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #14, 7/17/13

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 7/17/13

DICTATORS-Science Gone Too Far (Asylum)

VARUKERS-Protest and Survive (Anagram)
SKEPTIX-Traitor (Captain Oi)
TOXIC SHOCK-no title (self-released)
EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES-American Society (Frontier)
SOCIETY DOG-On The Street (Subterranean)

MUFFS-I Don’t Like You (SFTRI)
DIRTY SWEETS-Bitch Fight (Rip Off)
LOLI AND THE CHONES-I Hate You Jocks (Repent)
MAKERS-Small Town Depression (Estrus)
CHEATER SLICKS-Chaos (Gawdawful)

PUNCH IN THE FACE-We Got Bush (Counterfeit Garbage)
STOP AND THINK-Get Lost (Painkiller/Lockin Out)
KNOCK DOWN-Your Problem (Youngblood)
DEEP WOUND-Time To Stand (Damaged Goods)
A POOR EXCUSE-Sick and Tired (Bridge Nine)

CONTORTIONS-Dish It Out (from “No New York,” ZE)
THE DULL-I Hate The Motorcyclist (Toxic Shock)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fistpuppet)
FLIPPER-The Game’s Got A Price (Infinite Zero)
DEAD MILKMEN-Taking Retards To The Zoo (Fever)

RAW POWER-Fuck Authority (Westworld)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-We Will Bury You (Gloom)
MEDIA BLITZ-No One To Blame (self-released)
DS-13-Degenerated Generation (Busted Heads)
RAW NERVES-Incisions (Inimical)
NEGAZIONE-Sogni and Bisogni (Disco Autoprodotto)

DEGENERICS-What’ll You Do? (Soulrebel)
THE EXPLODER-Decision (Reptilian)
PREGNANT-Safe & Sound (Burn Books)

SAINTS-Know Your Product (Sire)
BOYS-You Kiss Like A Nun (Captain Oi)
PROFESSIONALS-The Magnificent (Virgin)
MANIC STREET PREACHERS-Suicide Alley (from “Underground Rockers Vol. 2,” Link)

LIGHTS OUT!-Destroy-Create (Dead Beat)
HOSPITAL RATS-Parthenon (demo)
NOISE-Hjalp (from “Svensk Pop,” Svenkska Pop Fabriken)
DEATH-Rock-N-Roll Victim (Drag City)

HOLOGRAMS-Memories Of Sweat (Captured Tracks)
KIM PHUC-23 (Iron Lung)
LOST SOUNDS-Don’t Turn Around (Goner)

SQUIRREL BAIT-Kid Dynamite (Homestead)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Savoir Faire (Vagrant)
SUICIDE-Rocket USA (Red Star)
BIRTHDAY PARTY-Sonny’s Burning (4AD)

PRONG-Drainpipe (Spigot)
UNSANE-Scrape (Amphetamine Reptile)
45 GRAVE-Black Cross (Goldar)

SPECIALS-Ghost Town (Chrysalis)

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