Friday, September 6, 2013

Sonic Overload 8/26/13

I mentioned this on the show but I had to clear out the storage closet in my bathroom/laundry room because there was a problem with the washing machine and some water got in there. While pulling out the boxes, I took a look inside a heavy one that had the first three years of webcasts, beginning on August 25, 2003. Exactly ten years to the day! As some of you know, I did the show live on Allston-Brighton Free Radio until early 2005 but started uploading the show to subdomains generously provided, at first, by Adam Gandelman and then by Jim Burnham, until launching this site a few years ago. I listened for a bit and also looked at the playlist and some of those bands/songs are on the show today—Colera, Boskops, Strikers and Uncurbed, off the top of my head. Another thing I noticed is how much faster I used to talk back then and how my voice didn’t sound quite as raspy.

Anyway, this week includes a few songs for the returning college students. Next week, it’ll be the Labor Day show and I’ll be featuring an assortment of songs honoring working men and women...

Sonic Overload 8/26/13


CORROSION OF CONFORMITY-College Town (Toxic Shock)

BROKEN-College Town (Blind Destruction)
TOXIC NARCOTIC-Allston Violence (Rodent Popsicle)
STRIKERS-Bloodsport (demo)
DEATH IN CUSTODY-Shut Up, Fuck You, Die (Insurgence)
SECOND OPINION-No Mi Gusta (Six Two Five/Tankcrimes)

COLERA-Agir  (Order & Progress)
MISCONDUCT-Raise Your Voices (from “Pasazer #14,” Pasazer)
ARMIA-Jestem Drzewo, Jestem Ptak (from “22 Polish Punk Classics,” Sonic)
BOSKOPS-Ich Will (Mülleimer)
UNCURBED-Riv Demokratin (Sound Pollution)
TIMES SQUARE PREACHERS-White European Male (Your Own Jailer)

HOAX-Hide (self-released)
ANXIETY-Fat Fucks With Money (demo)
MEDIA BLITZ-Leaving The Nest (self-released)
4-SQUARES-Asshole (Quincy Shanks)
REPROACH-Old Hag (Spastic Fantastic/Way Back When)


SPITS-I’m Scum (In The Red)
TOKYO ELECTRON-The Rub (from “Totally Shattered Euro Tour 7”, Ken Rock)
CATHOLIC SPRAY-Drift With Satan (Born Bad)
CITY SCUM-Gone To Shit (Rich Bitch)
PELVIS WRESTLERS-Make Up Face (Carbonated Sounds)

DIVISION OF LAURA LEE-We’ve Been Planning This For Years (Burning Heart)
SOKEA PISTE-Pimeää Voimaa (Ektro)
CRESS-Consume (Worried Sheep)
POST REGIMENT-Nie Znosze Was (Skuld)

BLITZ-Never Surrender (No Future)
KIDNAP-Armee Nationale (Upstart Productions)
SWINGIN UTTERS-Teen Idol Eyes (Fat)
CRIATURAS-Opresion (Residue)


VACCUUM-Frustration (Lengua Armada)
KRIEGSHOG-Nuclear Blood Rain (HeartFirst)
SHAVED CHRIST-Perverted Reality (Bakery Outlet)
IMPALERS-Procession (540/Todo Destruido)
NO PARADE-A Chain Of Chains (Partners In Crime)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS-Whiskey Weed Girls and Speed (Even Worse)

SOCIAL CIRCKLE-Static Eyes (No Way)
FOREIGN OBJECTS-White Elephant (Loud Punk/Shock To The System)
GENERAL INTEREST-What’s A Darfur? (Ride The Snake)
GIANT HAYSTACKS-Life Goes On (Mistake)
POOR LILY-Crunchy Skulls (self-released)
BROKEN PRAYER-Proud (Sorry State)

GUN CLUB-For The Love Of Ivy (Ruby)
TOURISTS-Blind Among The Flowers (Epic)
CUTE LEPERS-Thanks For Not Showing Up (1-2-3-4, Go!)


IT*MEN-Come And Get Some (Davenport/Stow House)
CHELSEA-Decide (Step Forward)
DAMNED-So Messed Up (Stiff)
KISS-Love Her All I Can (Casablanca)
CHAPTER 12-I Don’t Know How To Act (demo)

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART-Ashtray Heart (Virgin)
3-International (Dischord)
OBSERVERS-Us Against The World (Vinyl Warning)

THE FALL-Hey! Student (Matador)

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