Friday, September 6, 2013

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #20, 8/28/13

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 8/28/13

BLIGHT-The Dream Was Dead (Touch & Go)

SHEER TERROR-College Boy (Blackout)
DEAD KENNEDYS-Terminal Preppie (Alternative Tentacles)
JFA-Preppy (Alternative Tentacles)
YOU’RE NEXT-School System 101 (from “California Thrash Demolition,” 625)
SNOBS-School Kids (My War)
DIE KRUEZEN-In School (Touch & Go)

INMATES-You’re Not A Part Of Us (Painkiller)
DISKONTO-Ingen Hippiskit (Retard)
DEVOUR-Not So Pleasant Valley (Sorry State)
SUNPOWER-State Of Fear (RocknRollRadio)
SSS-Laughing Leads To Crying (Earache)
BROKEN NEEDLE-Waste Away (Lengua Armada)

LEE HARVEY OSWALD BAND-Mamma’s All Right (Touch & Go)
WINKS-Spoil Me (Super Secret)
NIX-Tweekers (self-released)
COMB-Pig (Hanley News)
BLACK EASTER-What The Fuck? (from “Killed By Death #5”)

CRIPPLED OLD FARTS-Like A Disease You Choose To Ignore (Shogun)
GODFODDER-In The Shit (Motorchest)
YOUTHS-Suicide City (Still Holding On)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-Back At School (Amphetamine Reptile)

FU’S-Preskool Dropouts (Taang)
REPLACEMENTS-Fuck School (Twin/Tone)
CRIMINALS-My School Sucks (Lookout)
PURE SCUM-To Hell With School (demo)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-High School Riot (Dead Beat)
REAL LOSERS-High School Rock and Roll (Squirrel)

RESTARTS-Parasite Monarchy (Plastic Bomb)
CASUALTIES-For The Punx (Punk-Core)
BIG BOYS-Fun, Fun, Fun (Moment)

FISTICUFFS-30 Million Revolutionaries (Motherbox)
BUNNY SKULLS-Your Life (Knot)
FAT DAY-5 Foot House (Ratfish)
JUD JUD-Fast Song (No Idea)
FURIOUS PIG-I Don’t Like Your Face (Rough Trade)

INSTIGATORS-The Church Says (Bluurg)
ZOUNDS-War/Subvert (Broken)
JUVENTUD CRASA-Mi Muerte (from “Mal De Ojo,” Discos De Hoy)
VAURIO-Kunnian Kentat (Feral Ward)

WEIRDOS-Solitary Confinement (Dangerhouse)
GIVE UP-Just Another Adult (Peterwalkee)
BRUISE VIOLET-Parasitic Sea (Emancypunk)
PANADMONIUM-Shameful Mistake (One Percent)
RESOLVE-It’s All Shit (Distort Reality)

RANK/XEROX-Turn To Stone (Make A Mess)
BOYS LIFE-It Came From Here (Seco)

CRUDE-Just Go, Go Ahead (HG Fact)
SIGNAL LOST-Blueprint For Babylon (Prank)
CONDENADA-Puetras Falsas (Lengua Armada)
ROMEO VOID-White Sweater (415)

PERE UBU-Final Solution (DGC)

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