Friday, September 13, 2013

Sonic Overload 9/2/13

Happy Labor Day! Actually, I’m not sure how happy it is for the employees of Liberty Mutual, some of whom are seeing their pensions and benefits cut while their former CEO walks away with millions and insane amounts of money were spent to remodel the executive suite. Or companies that are eliminating health insurance for spouses if they can get it at their own place of employment. Or the fast food workers who staged a one day strike for a livable wage. I imagine they might not feel so great on this day. So as people have their last BBQs or trip to the beach, remember that not everyone has the day off and not everyone is achieving the so-called American Dream...

Sonic Overload 9/2/13


PAINT IT BLACK-Labor Day (Jade Tree)

NEW BOMB TURKS-Born Toulouse-Lautrec (Crypt)
QUEERS-I Don’t Wanna Work (Lookout)
DEAN DIRG-Kill The Boss (Dead Beat)
PINK LINCOLNS-I’ve Got My Tie On (Stiff Pole)
FOR THE WORSE-You Put the SS In Boss (Bridge Nine)

POISON PLANET-Death Of Ideas (Refuse)
COKE BUST-Permanent Mission (Refuse)
TANGLED LINES-Mirror Mirror (Refuse)
THE CORPSE-Czas Apokalipsy (Refuse)
THINK AGAIN-Find Your Way (Way Back When)
DIVINE RIGHT-Winter (Deranged)

MDC-I Hate Work (RRadical)
DISSENSION-Why Work For Death? (Bad Idea Music)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT-Working Class Pride (Pusmort)
THE CONTRARY-Job Security (Welfare)
BRODY’S MILITIA-Daily Life Of The Living Dead/Another Fucking Liar (Sound Pollution)


F-MINUS-Slave Labor (Hellcat)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Slave Labor (Feral Ward)
SEEIN’ RED-Shitty Job (Coalition)
ACID REFLUX-All Bosses Are Bastards (demo)
DS-13-Work Buy Consume & Die (Homegrown)
MCRAD-Sun Dial (Red)
WRETCHED ONES-Working Man (Headache)

DESTRUCTION UNIT-God Trip (Sacred Bones)
PLATES-To Pieces (Drug Cult)
RASPBERRY BULBS-Tissues in The Bathroom (Blackest Ever Black)
BAD PEOPLE-Daddy’s Little Boy (Feeble Minds)
BAD NOIDS-The Ones (Katorga Works)

ARTICLES OF FAITH-Five O’Clock (Reflex)
NUBS-Job (from “Killed By Death #5”)
CATBURGLARS-I Hate My Job (Tooth Decay)
THEE HEADCOATS-Youngblood (Crypt)


PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY-Brainbomb (United Artists)
MEKONS-I’ll Have To Dance Then (On My Own) (Fast)
ZERO POINT-Working Class Zero (Grand Theft Audio)
RIOT/CLONE-Work (self-released)
NOTSENSIBLES-Don’t Wanna Work Anymore (Bent)

ADICTS-You’ll Never Walk Alone (Captain Oi)
PROXY-Fountain Of Youth (MMM)
BAD SKIN-We’re Dogs (Bad Vibrations)
SHARING MASS GRAVES-Kill ‘Em Fuck ‘Em Eat ‘Em (Blind Spot)
SMEGMA & THE NUNZ-Bourgeois Lad (from “Drop The Needle,” Trev)
EDDIE & THE SUBTITLES-Waiting For The Bombs (Frontier)

SORRY-Stop (Homestead)
BORN AGAINST-Well Fed Fuck (Kill Rock Stars)
MINUTEMEN-Working Men Are Pissed (SST)


THE STRIKE-Kicking Ass (Johann’s Face)
PIST-Black and Blue Collar (Elevator)
DILLINGER FOUR-Super Powers Enable Me To Blend In With Machinery (Hopeless)
CITIZEN FISH-Used To Work (Lookout)
SUPERCHUNK-Slack Motherfucker (Matador)
GUIDED BY VOICES-The Official Ironmen Rally Song (Matador)

STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB-Cravecase (from “Record Store Day Compilation,” Big Neck)
NUTRIES-Vagine Pazze (self-released)
NUKE CULT-Stress Relief (demo)
NUCLEAR SPRING-Chatter (Hysteria)
SUBVERTS-Can’t Control Myself (Clandestine)

LOST GENERATION-Never Work (Incas)

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