Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sonic Overload 11/16/15

I play quite a bit of French punk/garage/hardcore etc on this week’s show to show support for the people of Paris and of France, after the terrorist bombings this past Friday night. There are also a few songs inspired by France commencing bombing in Syria, supposedly at ISIS targets but there will be inevitable “collateral damage,” which is a euphemism for dead and maimed civilians. And history repeats, with a dramatic increase in Islamophobia and xenophobia. Needless to say, the Republicans in this country and ultra right-wingers in France are using these events to push their bloodthirsty and prejudiced agendas. It’s just sad... and with no end in sight.

This week’s show is also dedicated to Motörhead drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, who passed away last week at the age of 61. R.I.P...

Sonic Overload 11/16/15


KIDNAP-No S.S. (Upstart Productions)

RIXE-Coups & Blessures (demo)
HAUTE COUTURE-Love Glove (from “Welcome To 2013,” Not Normal)
LOST BOYS-Kill A Luddite For Salvation (Still Holding On)
PARABELLUM-Ozmose 99 (Gougnaf Mouvement)
FLITOX-Envers Et Contre Tous (Jungle Hop)
FINAL BLAST-Final Blast (Chaos Produzioni)

BÉRUIER NOIR-Nada 84 (Last Call)
WARUM JOE-Condor (New Rose)
ASPHALT JUNGLE-Poly Magoo (Stiff Kids)


STATE POISON-Tache Difficile (Kick Rock/Flower of Carnage)
GASMASK TERROR-No Mistake (Solar Funeral)
HONDARTZAKO HONDAKINAK-Bereizetariak Ez (from “Sound The Alarms,” Maximum Rocknroll)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH-Whom The Gods Destroy (Hardcore Holocaust)
DISCHARGE-Massacre of Innocents (Clay)
UPRIGHT CITIZENS-Bombs of Peace (H’art)

DOGS-Nineteen (Melodies Massacre)
GUILTY RAZORS-Don’t Want To Be A Rich (Seventeen)
GASOLINE-Radio Flic (Egg)
NO-TALENTS-J’Suis Punk (Broken)
SPALSH FOUR-Longfinger Olive (1+2)
HATEPINKS-I Piss In Your Swimming Pools (TKO)

BLACK SS-Quick Fix (Reaper)
CHAIN RANK-Power Hungry (self-released)
SCUZZ-Fear (Loud Punk)
SONIC ORDER-Apathy Breeds (demo)
SPLAT-Blankness (Saucepan)
DFL-Action Everybody (Epitaph)
BEASTIE BOYS-Tough Guy (Capitol)


CULTURE KIDS-Join The Cult (Make A Mess)
WOODBOOT-Trash Dump (Erst Treke Tonträger)
CRUDE HUMOR-Conflict Perspective (demo)
GASENETA-Rehabilitation (PSF)
PEOPLE-Your Romeo I Am Juliet (Feminist)

GANG GREEN-Sold Out (Taang)
YOUTH BRIGADE-I Object (Dischord)
SAVAGE AMUSED-I Want (Mind Cure)
HEIBEL-Fuck Your Propaganda (COR)
HARPOON GUNS-Hubble (Square Wave)

EL JESUS DE MAGICO-Desperation Desacration (Columbus Discount)
LEFT INSANE-Neck Deep (Nemesis)
THEE HYDROGEN TERRORS-All Hail The Panamanian Subversive (Load)
SURGERY-Bronto (Amphetamine Reptile)
WINNING LOOKS-Breakdown (Waiting)


SWELL MAPS-Vertical Slum (Mute)
NERVOUS GENDER-Alien Point of View (Subterranean)
THEORETICAL GIRLS-You Got Me (Atavistic)
AU PAIRS-It’s Obvious (Castle)

LES THUGS-Bella Canzon (Sub Pop)
LA FRACTION-La Peur D’Exister (Crash Disques)
STEREOLAB-French Disko (Drag City)
OPERATION S-Sang Sans Sens (Wild Wild)

MOTÖRHEAD-Overkill (Bronze) in memory of Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor

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