Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #123, 11/18/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 11/18/15

TRUST-Antisocial (CBS)

WARM GUN-Broken Windows (from “Killed By Death #200”)
SEX À PILE-Pas Vraiment Méchant (from “Je Suis Punk”)
LILI Z-Nix! Nix! Nix! (In The Red)
YOUTH AVOIDERS-Snake Charmer (Build Me A Bomb)

DEVIOUS ONES-Synchronize or Vaporize (East Grand)
ZEX-I Didn’t Know (Loud Punk)
EASTFIELD-Humour Exclusion Zone (Violate)
EXTERNAL MENACE-No Uniform (Creep)
PENADOS POR LA LEY-El Quintero (Rotthenness)]

EYACULACIÓN POST MORTEM-La Mate Porque Era Fea (La Obscura Ceremonia)
THE STATIC-Don’t Let Me Stop You (Atavistic)
CRIME-I Stupid Anyway (Swami)

CONSERVATIVES-Los Alamos Lab Technician (Sonic Swirl)
DILLINGER FOUR-Open and Shut (Hopeless)
ICEAGE-Total Drench (What’s Your Rupture)
WOVEN BONES-Couldn’t Help But Stare (HoZac)
SHARP OBJECTS-Misspent Youth (Modern Action)

HEIMATLØS-Sublimacontrol (Ratbone)
FACE UP TO IT!-Stabbed In The Bike (Crucial Blast)
OILY BOYS-Suffer Beach (Disnifect)
POISON SPUR-Puzzle Factory(demo)
FUCKING INVINCIBLE-Conflict Recital (Atomic Action)
BACKWARDS MESSAGE-New Found Moral Flexibility (demo)
NEUTRON RATS-Society’s Rejects (Gremlin Pogo)
VAGINORS-Total Nonsense (Video Disease)

FATE VS FREE WILLY-Hibernation (IfSociety)
NOTS-White Noise (Goner)
PREDATOR-Archetype (Douchemaster)
YATSURA-Siamese (Primary)

FAILURE-Screen Man (Slash)
HOT SNAKES-Audit In Progress (Swami)
PEECHEES-Genuine Article (Kill Rock Stars)
RED AUNTS-Poker Party (Epitaph)

MOTÖRHEAD-Iron Fist (Bronze)
VANDALS-Urban Struggle (Time Bomb)
HEADGRENADE-Discontent (702)
VERY METAL-Livin A Lie (Beer City)
SHORT CHANGED-Scumbag (Goat Power Recreation/Pyrate Punk)
SHAVED CHRIST-Bad Mind (Bakery Outlet)

TV FREAKS-Thirteen (Deranged)
WOODBOOT- (I’m Gonna Push You) In Front Of A Car (Erst Theke Tontraeger)
HELTA SKELTA-Modern Lover (Deranged)
CHEATER SLICKS-Poor White Trash (demo)
THE MARX-She’s Got A Manifesto (Hammer and Sickle)
PEER PRESSURE-Eve of Destruction (Break My Face) in memory of PF Sloan

GANG OF FOUR-5.45 (Warner Bros.)

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