Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #120, 10/28/15

Listen live on Stench Radio every Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM eastern... this week, it's the Halloween show.

MISFITS-Halloween (Caroline)

WINKS-Trick or Treat (Super Secret)
NÜ SENSAE-The Witch (Isolated Now Waves)
STATIC STATIC-Witch Mouth (NeatNeatNeat)
WARNING//WARNING-Zombie (Flower of Carnage)
NOISE GOD-She Had No Shadow (Mystic)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Necrophilia (Bad Hair Life)

SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN-The Only Scary Thing About Halloween Is Your Fucking Face (from “Songs For The Witching Season,” Creep)
BROKEN TOYS-Smash Some Pumpkins (Trashtone)
PAGANS-She’s A Cadaver (Crypt)
THE FREEZE-Halloween Night (Dr. Strange)
BATTALION OF SAINTS-I Wanna Make You Scream (Taang)
THEE MIGHTY FEVERS-I’m A Zombie (Dead Beat)

LEE HARVEY OSWALD BAND-Getting Wasted With The Vampires (Touch and Go)
MUTOID MEN-Ly Canthrope (Rumbletowne)
CATHOLIC BOYS-Teenage Monster (Trick Knee)
NITZ-Room 36 (Reptilian)
ZEKE-Season Of The Witch (Dead Teenager)
EVIL ARMY-Satan Made Me Do It (Get Revenge)

ROSEMARY’S BABIES-Dead Zone (Ghastly)
GRIFFIN-The Phantom Of The Shocker (Moneytalks)
BRAIN EATERS-Eaters Never Die (Human Stench)
BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS-Ghoulish Reminders (Whispers In Darkness)
SPEND 4-Necrophilia (ACME)
COP ON FIRE-666 The Number Of The Beast (Inimical)
BRODY’S MILITIA-Where Buzzards Dare (self-released)

SCRATCH ACID-Monsters (Rabid Cat)
FANG-Diary of A Mad Werrwoulf (Boner)
SLAYER-Evil Knows No Boundaries (Metal Blade)
IRON MAIDEN-The Number Of The Beast (Capitol)

GG KING-Witching Hour (Rob’s House)
HUSBANDS-Monster Party (Show and Tell)
DEREK LYN PLASTIC-Vampires In Heat (Florida’s Dying)
SPIDER-Witch Cookie (self-released)
LOS REACTORS-Be A Zombie (Rip Off)

MANIFEST DESTINY-Screamatorium (Mystic)
ACCÜSED-Buried Alive (Subcore)
SNFU-Bodies In The Wall (BYO)
PERSONALITY CRISIS-Vampires Dream (Risky)
SUBCULTURE-I Heard A Scream (Fartblossom)
RETCHING RED-Freaky Nightmare (Rodent Popsicle)

A-TEAM-All I See Is Skulls (Heroin[e])
THE PROWL-Dead Dead Dead (DeadAlive)
GERM ATTAK-Face The Reaper (Loud Punk)
NIGHT BIRDS-Midnight Movies (Grave Mistake)
SEX SEX SEX-Go Zombie Go! (NDN)
DWARVES-Real Creepy (Recess)

SONICS-The Witch (Etiquette)
MONSTERS-I See Dead People (Voodoo Rhythm)
MUMMIES-The House On The Hill (Estrus)
CRAMPS-Human Fly (IRS)
MONOCLES-The Spider and the Fly (ESD)
KINGSMEN-Haunted Castle (Wand)

GBH-Necrophilia (Clay)
ENGLISH DOGS-Psycho Killer (Clay)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Victims Of The Vampire (Captain Oi)


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