Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sonic Overload 3/25/13

Not much to opine on this week except for those two high school football players in Steubenville, OH who were convicted of raping a girl and got what amount to a slap on the wrist. Not only did they rape her, they made video of it and that proved to be their undoing.But do you think for one second that they would have had that kind of treatment—tried as juveniles and not adults--if they didn’t have “jock status” (my term). So it inspired me to play the Born Against song. And there’s the annual tribute to Holy Week—including perennial songs by the Feederz, Lil Bunnies and more.

This week’s show is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Quint, who passed away last week. R.I.P. Aunt Barbara...

Sonic Overload 3/25/13


TANK-Shellshock (Kamaflage)

NEO CONS-Neo Krunch (Deranged)
BAD DADDIES-Regress (Central District)
RAD-Corporate Drugs (Sacramento/Phono Select)
CULTURE KIDS-Headless Body In A Topless Bar (Make A Mess)
BROWN SUGAR-Candy (Cowabunga)

SECRET PROSTITUTES-Punk Adalah Ginjalku (Bad Hair Life)
WILD CHILD-Stay Bent (Deranged)
MÜLLTÜTE-Flimmern (HeartFirst)
HOLOGRAMS-ABC City (Captured Tracks)
SOVIET VALVES-Throne (Vertex)

NO TOMORROW-Nuclear Exposure (Sorry State)
NO CLASS-It’s About Time (Deranged)
NO STATIK-Earnest (Prank)
BROKEN PRAYER-Army Strong (Sorry State)
BORN AGAINST-Jock Gestapo (Kill Rock Stars)


BIG EYES-All Alone (Grave Mistake)
PITY PARTY-The Shits (Underground Communique)
SHIRKS-Nakitomi Liz (Grave Mistake)
WYMYNS PRYSYN-Booze Void (from “Land Of Nod,” Scavenger Of Death)
THE NOT-Action Man (Not)

VICIOUS CIRCLE-Fight For No Cause (from “R.I.X-Core,” Atomic Action)
REAL ENEMY-No Patience (Mind Cure)
METZ-The Mule (Sub Pop)
ANASAZI-Bone Collector (Toxic State)
MANIKIN-Idol (Super Secret)

LIL BUNNIES-Carrot Belly Bunny Rock (Moo-La-La)
LÖGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN-Nya Lögnhalsar (Local Cross)
DISTRACTORS-Bang! Bang! (Big Neck)
JON WAYNE-Mr. Egyptian (Fist Puppet) in memory of David Vaught aka Jon Wayne
PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS-Homo Truck Driving Man (Pajamarama)


LOAD-Pastor’s Day (Faceless)
PART TIME CHRISTIANS-Religion On A Stick (Alternative Tentacles)
FEEDERZ-Jesus Entering From The Rear (from “Let Them Eat Jellybeans,” Alternative Tentacles)
SCRATCH ACID-Damned For All Time (Touch & Go)

PERDITION-Nothing For You (Flipside)
PREGNANCY SCARES-Facelift (Deranged)
FUGITIVE FAMILY-Shitting on My Solitude (Torture Garden)
CRIME WAVE-Death Vortex (Agro-Wax)
HERO DISHONEST-Itäviinaa (Peterwalkee)

SCORPIONS-Another Piece Of Meat (Mercury)
NUNS-World War III (Rosco)


YELLO-The Evening’s Young (Polygram)
POP. 1280-Midget (Sacred Bones)
BANQUE ALLEMANDE-Schwarz Von Schwarzer Wand (S-S)
C.AARMÉ-Let Them Live Here (Burning Heart)

AVENGERS-Open Your Eyes (Water)
ALLEY CATS-Too Much Junk (from “Dangerhouse Volume Two: Give Me A Little Pain,” Frontier)
LEGAL WEAPON-No Sorrow (Arsenal)
INSTIGATORS-The Fix (Bluurg)

RINGS-Automobile (Chiswick)