Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sonic Overload 4/8/13

Starting things off with some big news. There’s going to be another Sonic Overload show each week, this one on Wednesdays from 6-8 PM Eastern (5-7 PM, Central, 3-5 PM Pacific) on Stench Radio. This will be a bit different in that I’ll be doing that show live, something I haven’t done since late 2004, just before Allston-Brighton Free Radio shut down operations. I’ll continue to do the recorded show on Monday. So check out this page as well as Stench Radio’s for more information.

On to the theme of this week’s show, at least for the first half hour. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died, so I pay tribute to this legendary world political figure with exactly the tribute I think many of you will agree she deserves. Sure, it might be pissing on her grave, it might be tasteless but I don’t give a shit. I did nearly two hours of anti-Reagan songs when Ronnie died in 2004 but I just restrict it to the first hour here. I don’t even feel like detailing this woman’s reprehensible policies. Read up on them and try to avoid the inevitable hagiography that even the “liberal” media will engage in. Enough time wasted on her...

Sonic Overload 4/8/13


DEAD KENNEDYS-Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round (Manifesto)

VARUKERS-Thatcher’s Fortress (Anagram)
ANTI-PASTI-No Government (Rondelet)
LOS BASTARDOS-Fuck You Margaret Thatcher (self-released)
CRASS-Sheep Farming In The Falklands (Crass)

OVER MY DEAD BODY-Maggie & Ronnie (Indecision)
RIPCORD-Thatchula (Raging)
HARD SKIN-Still Fighting Thatcher (TKO)
LARKS-Maggie Maggie Maggie (R4)
THATCHER ON ACID-Guess Who’s Running The Show (Allied)
NOTSENSIBLES-(I’m In Love With) Margaret Thatcher (Anagram)


BAD AMERICAN-Mad Tenant (Eleven Twenty Four)
BORN WRONG-No Etiquette (Schizophrenic)
BUNNY SKULLS-Kicked Aside (Knot)
HOLY NIGHT-Untitled (from “You Can’t Kill Me,” Atomic Action)
BAD JESUS EXPERIENCE-Finlandia (Tuska & Ahsistus)
NÜ SENSAE-Dust (Suicide Squeeze)

RED CROSS-Annette’s Got The Hits (Posh Boy) in memory of Annette Funicello
ANGRY SAMOANS-Lights Out (Triple X)
SACK-Undertow (self-released)
COSMIC PSYCHOS-I’m Up You’re Out (Amphetamine Reptile)
MUDHONEY-Bushpusher Man (Sub Pop)

WARHEAD-Cry Of Truth (Amok)
BURIAL-Eternal Excess (from “Axis Of Wolves,” Hate)
FORWARD-Frustration Days (Prank)
BROKEN PRAYER-National Cum (Sorry State)
SECRET PROSTITUTES-Tanpa Masalah (Bad Hair Life)
THE BEAT-Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret (Sire)


WETBRAIN-Party Till It’s A Blur (demo)
GOVERNMENT WARNING-Walking Dead (Live at Side Two)
NUKE CULT-Stress Relief (demo)
RAD-We’re Rad/You’re Dunzo (Sacramento/Phono Select)
LIBYANS-The Price We Pay (Narshardaa)
MUNDO MUERTO-Pierde El Kontrol (Konton Crasher)
BRAIN HANDLE-Sentimental Men (No Way)

MIND SPIDERS-Entity Me (Razorcake)
GAY ANNIVERSARY-Lazy Boyz (Slovenly)
FAMILY CURSE-Memory Sickness (Doormat)

FLESHAPOIDS-Nuke The Whales (Trashtone)
DICKIES-Nights In White Satin (A&M)
PINPOINT-Richmond (Albion)
HATES-No Talk In The 80s (Faceless)


SAD BOYS-Tiny Hands (Toxic State)
VAPID-Sexstain (from “Emergency Room Vol, 1,” Nominal)
BAD DADDIES-This Is How It Ends (Central District)
SMEARS-Honey Jar (Headhunter)
7 YEAR BITCH-You Smell Lonely (C/Z)
VOODOO QUEENS-Supermodel-Superficial (Too Pure)

KARP-Rocky Mountain Rescue (Punk In My Vitamins)
CUTTHROATS 9-Lost (Man’s Ruin)
PIGS-Mashantucket (Solar Flare)

GANG OF FOUR-Anthrax (Warner Bros.)

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