Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sonic Overload 10/6/14

So let’s see if I’ve got the latest items of right-wing paranoia straight—ISIS is sending illegal immigrants over the Mexican border infected with Ebola? I think that’s what I heard on Fox News in the past several days. I jest of course... but not all that much. Time to turn off the news and listen to some punk, complete with topical matter at the beginning.

This show goes out in memory of Paul Revere from the Raiders, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 76. The Raiders’ show “Where The Action Is” was one of my favorites. My father even made a reel-to-reel tape of me singing the theme song. Thankfully, that’s been lost to the winds of history although there’s a chance I still have that tape somewhere in the closet. Where it will stay...

Sonic Overload 10/6/14


CRO-MAGS-World Peace (Profile)

CAREER SUICIDE-Quarantined (Deranged)
NERVE AGENTS-Level 4 Outbreak (Revelation)
ECONOCHRIST-Epidemic (Ebullition)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE-Drone Virus (Sorry State)
PISSED JEANS-I’m Sick (Parts Unknown)

GAG-Locker Room (Iron Lung)
UGLY PARTS-Me/Hospital (demo)
BLOTTER-No Country For New Kids (Katorga Works)
SOCIOPATHETIC-Naive Optimism (demo)
COBRA NOIR-Monuments (Yellow Dog)

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS-Shook and Hungry (Toxic State)
BREAKOUT-Retaliate (Grave Mistake)
GRUPO SUB-1-Urgente (La Vida Es Un Mus)
OOGA BOOGAS-I Can’t Clear My Name (Aarght!)
BIG ZIT-Skoolyahd (demo)
MODERN CONSCIENCE-Nag (sick of her bullsh*%) (demo)


DEATHCHARGE-Untitled (HG Fact)
SILVER SCREAMS-Infinite Mirror (self-released)
DIVIDED MINDS-Burning Hell (Doomtown/Crapoulet)
CALVARY-Worth A Thousand Dark Words (Council)
HALLRAKER-Twenty On One (Sike)

DEAD BOYS-I Won’t Look Back (Sire)
CHEAP TRICK-He’s A Whore (Epic)
THE BOYS-No Money (Captain Oi)
RADIATORS FROM SPACE-Television Screen (Chiswick)
KILLJOYS-At Night (Raw)

FLYKILLS-The Lump (demo)
COLD CIRCUIT-State Jackets Retired (demo)
CIRRICULUM VITAE-Jag (self-released)
LONGINGS-Trapped (demo)


MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?-10 Years After World War (Touch & Go)

TOTAL ABUSE-Looking For Love (Deranged)
BRAIN SLUG-Spiritual Cramp (demo)
TRENCHES-Gas Rag (demo)
WOMEN-Horrifying (FDS)
THE STAKEOUT-Breakout (Deranged)

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS-Just Like Me (Columbia) in memory of Paul Revere
SATANS-Satan’s Surf (Estrus)
PRIMATE 5-Gone Action Woman (Dead Beat)
STATICS-Sold My Soul (To The Rolling Stones) (Dead Beat)
WEIRD LOVEMAKERS-Unpopular Lover (Gouramie)


THE ENERGY-Girls Don’t Like Me (Team Science!)
REGULATIONS-Destroy (Havoc)
VOMIT SQUAD-ABCDEFG (Psychic Handshake)
SAVAGE AMUSED-I Want (Mind Cure)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS-Kill The DJ (Pogo 77)

STRIPMINES-Gallows Tree (Sorry State)
KNIFE FIGHT-Isolated (Parts Unknown)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-Den of Thieves (Gloom)
SICK OF IT ALL-Step Down (East/West)
NEGATIVE FX-Feel Like A Man (Taang)
RICE-Just How Much Rice? (Lookout)

ILL REPUTE-Cherokee Nation (It’s Alive/Indecision)

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