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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #71, 9/17/14

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 9/17/14

DAG NASTY-Can I Say (Dischord)

NO JUSTICE-Political Scheme (Underestimated)
86 MENTALITY-Crash The Gates (Deranged)
UPPERCUT-Found Your Way (I Scream)
RITES-Uphill Both Ways (DeadAlive)
MILK COFFEE-Eating Hell (from “This Is The Life Vol. 7,” MCR)
TEEN IDLES-Get Up and Go (Dischord)

SHADY & THE VAMP-Fuck All Haters (La Suisse Primitive)
RUSSIAN TOP GUN-Welcome To The Fucking Future (Ugly Bump)
PINK PILE-People In Love (demo)
SECTA SUICIDA-Ya Nada Importa (Discos MMM)

1.6 BAND-One Eye Open (Gern Blandsten)
TAR-Walking The King (Amphetamine Reptile)
PLATES-Salvation Morning (Big Neck)
CENOBITES-Hostage/Pathetic (Discorporate)

DAVIDIANS-Born To Chew(s) (Deranged)
FLYKILLS-Wet Nightmares (demo)
SLICES-Slices Is Dirts (Iron Lung)
SUNSHINE SS-Teen Choices (Sacred Plague)
MADBOX-One For The Pile (Super 8)
LICKITY SPLIT-Momentary (Double Deuce)

TUB-Charles Murray (Double Deuce)
RED RED RED-New Action (Big Neck)
DRIVE LIKE JEHU-Golden Brown (Interscope)
COCTEAU TWINS-Wax and Wane (4AD)

EATER-Thinking Of The USA (The Label)
GANG OF FOUR-I Found That Essence Rare (Warner Bros.)
VOLCANO SUNS-Bumper Crop (Touch & Go)

DEATH OR GLORY-Your Choice (Crucial Response)
GET IT AWAY-Malt Liquor Bullshit (Third x Party)
DEAD STOP-In Hell (Reflex/Wolfpack)
LIFES HALT-More Than Once (from “Bite The Bullet,” Know)
NO REPLY-SUV-FU (Indecision)
97A-Asphyxiate (Teamwork)
CINDER-By My Own (from “Euro Thrash Retribution,” Six Two Five)
REPOS-Go Faster (Youth Attack)

MONGOLOID-Slam Pig (demo)
NUBIANS-Rot City (Rice Toys)
SICK THOUGHTS-Forget You (self-released)
DUCT TAPE SURGERY-A Wolf Among Sheep (demo)
WHITE PAGES-Pill Popper (Can’t Stand Ya!)
VCR-Fake Freaks (Fuck Off) (self-released)

CELEBRITY ROAST-Trust Fund Revolt (Creep)
MAN AFRAID-3-91 (Half Mast)
J CHURCH-Waiting On The Ground (Honey Bear)
STINK-Never Will Forget (Megalomania)
MODERN INDUSTRY-Out Of Focus (from “Noise From Nowhere,” Toxic Shock)

RATOS DE PORAO-Neocanibalismo (Alternative Tentacles)
LEBENDEN TOTEN-Theatre of Death (Feral Ward)
NERVESKADE-Forced To Live (Iron Lung)
DEATH WISH KIDS-Lucky (Aerodrome)
BRUISERS-Intimidation (Cyclone)
4 SKINS-One Law For Them (Captain Oi)

SOFT CELL-Sex Dwarf (Sire)

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