Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sonic Overload 11/30/15

One of my favorite shows of the year to do—in fact, it might be the favorite, period. It’s time for the annual all-covers show. As always, I avoid playing songs from tribute albums and all-covers albums, although the opener is from Ty Segall’s brand new T.Rex covers album and it’s a good one. I keep a running list all year for new songs to play and I think a fair number of them are new to the show or haven’t been played in some years. Hope you like it. Back to “normal” next week and only two regular shows before the holiday show (well, half holiday music) and the year-end Best of...

Sonic Overload 11/30/15


TY SEGALL-20th Century Boy (T.Rex) (Goner)

PROTESTER-Do What You Want (Last Rights) (demo)
ANCIENT FILTH-Shrink (Dead Kennedys) (demo)
JOHN BROWNS ARMY-Kill A Commie (Gang Green) (Gloom)
REPOS-Straight Jacket (Jerry’s Kids) (Youth Attack)
SPAZZ-Lost Cause (Negative Approach) (Slap A Ham)
STRAIGHT TO HELL-Poison Planet (COC) (Gloom)

PARIS 1942-She Cracked (Modern Lovers) (from “Amuck,” Placebo)
WHITE FANGS-I’m A Bug (Urinals) (Azbin)
MIKA MIKO-Sex (Urinals) (PPM)
BRAIN F?-Jesus and Tequila (Minutemen) (from “Dick’s Picks 4006,” self-released)
GOOD THROB-Tube Disaster (Flux Of Pink Indians) (live on WFMU)
ANTISCHISM-Sacrifice (Rudimentary Peni) (Prank)
BURNT CROSS-Blissful Myth (Rudimentary Peni) (Tadpole)

PIRATES-Peter Gunn (Henry Mancini) (Warner Bros.)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS-1977 (The Clash) (from “Dope, Guns ‘n Fucking In The Streets, Volumes 4-7,” Amphetamine Reptile)
MUDHONEY-Fix Me (Black Flag) (Sub Pop)
DICKIES-Paranoid (Black Sabbath) (A&M)
DIDJITS-Call Me Animal (MC5) (Touch and Go)
NEW BOMB TURKS-This Place Sucks (Queers) (Engine)


DISTRACTORS-Don’t You Just Know It (Huey Piano Smith) (Dime Store)
BAD TASTE-Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran) (Crotch Rot)
NO-TALENTS-Bondage Boy (Sick Things) (Broken)
DRAGS-Six and Change (Pagans) (Empty)
LA PIOVRA-Go Nowhere (Reagan Youth) (Youth Attack)
THE INSTIGATION-Degenerated (Reagan Youth) (self-released)
CABBAGEHEADS-I Don’t Give A Fuck (Partisans) (SPHC)

OTTO’S CHEMICAL LOUNGE-Fire (Jimi Hendrix) (Reflex)
MONOSHOCK-Burn My Eye (Radio Birdman) (S-S)
GAUNT-Revenge (Black Flag) (demo)
ROPES-Down In Flames (Dead Boys) (self-released)
CONEHEADS-Psycho Killer (Talking Heads) (Erst Theke Tonträger)
MOTORAMA-Damaged Goods (Gang of Four) (Dead Beat)

TOY DOLLS-The Final Countdown (Europe) (Captain Oi)
CRUDDY-Burn It Down (Suicide Commandos) (12XU)
SUBMACHINE-With Friends Like You (Fang) (CI)
MALE PATTERNS-Police Police (Showcase Showdown) (Loud Punk)


REVOLTING COCKS-Public Image (PIL) (Wax Trax)
KILLDOZER-La Grange (ZZ Top) (live recording)
RAPEMAN-Just Got Paid (ZZ Top) (Touch and Go)
MANACONDA-122 Hours Of Fear (Screamers) (demo)

ENSIGN-Say it To My Face (Underdog) (Indecision)
PROCLAMATION-Where’s The Unity? (Infest) (Life Sentence)
WARTORN-Survival of the Streets (Cro-Mags) (Crimes Against Humanity)
SEPULTURA-Crucificados Pelo Sistema (Ratos de Porao) (Roadrunner)
NUCLEAR-Tough Guy (Beastie Boys) (Candlelight)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT-Pressure’s On (Red-C) (Headhunter)

VCR-Boris The Spider (The Who) (demo)
JAH WOBBLE-Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino)
SILICON TEENS-Judy In Disguise (John Fred & His Playboy Band) (Sire)
PIETASTERS-Time Won’t Let Me (Outsiders) (Hellcat)


SBLC-Fireball (Deep Purple) (self-released)
METAL CHURCH-Highway Star (Deep Purple) (Steamhammer)
BATTALION OF SAINTS-Ace of Spades (Motörhead) (Nutrons)

THE DAMNED-I Feel Alright (Stooges) (Stiff)
JESUS LIZARD-Shut Up (Stranglers) (Capitol)
STREET DOGS-GOP (Menace) (Pirates Press)
PENETRATION-Nostalgia (Buzzcocks) (Virgin)

MISSION OF BURMA-Heart of Darkness (Pere Ubu) (Ryko)

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