Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sonic Overload 12/7/15

Getting it done despite taking a nap midday, as my eyes and sinuses have been in revolt all day. The extra caffeine helped a little. December is here, no holiday music for two more weeks, though. Let’s see, what else is on my mind? Getting this show uploaded and taking it easy the rest o the day, that’s what. Enjoy...

Sonic Overload 12/7/15


NO-Too Easy (Static Shock)

LIQUIDS-Piss On Me (self-released)
UTAH JAZZ-Girlhitter (Black Dots)
NITE SCHOOL-Day (Saucepan)
TV FREAKS-Fly High (Deranged)
SPRAY PAINT-Lower, With Respect (Homeless)

SYMBOL SIX-Symbol Six (Dr. Strange)
GIRL POWER-The Daytime Ritual (Richter Scale)
REAGAN SS-Gorilla Mask (Rebellion Sound)
DEARBORN SS-Shoveling Shit In A Shit Factory (Council/Lengua Armada)
GAY KISS-No Place Nowhere (Sorry State)
WALLS-Slow Erase (Iron Lung)

GHOST PUNCH-Validate Me (demo)
WOODBOOT-Million Dollar Car (Erst Treke Tonträger)
CAVEMEN-Fucked In The Head (1:12)
ERIK NERVOUS-Nothing Is Happening (demo)
TEENAGE PHD’S-Too Bored To Die (Erectile)


NAIL POLISH-Mnemonic Device (demo)
UTI-Commodity (Schizophrenic)
NIRVANA-Scentless Apprentice (DGC)

SONNY VINCENT-Faster Pussycat (Get Hip)
210*-Want (self-released)
EX-CULT-Not A Threat (Goner)
CARBONAS-I’m A Schizo (Goner)

TRANSPLANTS-Braincase (Dionysus)
BUZZCOCKS-You Know You Can’t Help It (IRS)
L-SEVEN-Insanity (Touch and Go)
BIG BLACK-Bad Houses (Homestead)


BOSTON STRANGLER-Primitive (Fun With Smack)
STOIC VIOLENCE-Fight Them All (Video Disease)
WETBRAIN-Lady Die (Painkiller)
NURSE-I Can See You (self-released)
N/N-Buitres (Lengua Armada)
NERVESKADE-Parasites (Black Water)
ÄÄRITILA-Goteberg 01 (Partners In Crime)

KICKING SPIT-Way Out (Tankcrimes)
WRY-Blueprint To Nero (Forge)
CRACKERBASH-A Song For Lon Mabon (Empty)
POPULAR SHAPES-Outrageous Math Test (On/On Switch)

SAVOY BROWN-Tell Mama (Deram)
VIOLATIONS-Physicians (demo)
FLQ-Culture of Infancy (Bad Vibrations)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS-Why The Beard? (P. Trash)
HUE AND CRY-Just So You Know (demo)
TUSCADERO-Just My Size (TeenBeat)


BITOUSHA-Enjoyment As A Victim (ACS)
CUNTZ-Internet (Connect) (Homeless)
NOTS-Reactor (Goner)
SHAMPOO-Bouffant Headbutt (Icerink)

DIPERS-Space (Omnibus)
RASPBERRY BULBS-Light Surrounds Me (Blackest Ever Black)
WHITE DRUGS-Black Wizard Gloaming (Amphetamine Reptile)
HHRRIISSTT-Crossed Eyes (demo)
I.S.S.-I.S.S (demo)

WRECK-Song X (Play It Again Sam)

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