Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sonic Overload on Stench Radio--Show #125, 12/2/15

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Sonic Overload on Stench Radio 12/2/15

RADIO BIRDMAN-Murder City Nights (Sub Pop)

CAVEMEN-Trash Talkin’ Paint Huffin’ Girl (1:12)
YAMBAG-Shark (Saucepan)
AQUARIAN BLOOD-Savage Mind (Goner)
HELTA SKELTA-Reds (Deranged)
WOODBOOT-Suicide Solution (Erste Theke Tonträger)
ABANDOS-Speedball (self-released)
ANTI SCRUNTI FACTION-Writhe Like Worms (Flipside)

GRAND HEAD-Amongst The Rubes (Gorbie International)
ANOTHER SOCIAL DISEASE-Coward (Social Disease)
USA NAILS-Palm Them Off With Me (Smalltown America)
T-TOPS-Cruisin For A Bruisin (Big Neck)
LEATHER-Prince Of The Salon (Fan Death)

NIGHT SCHOOL-Day (Saucepan)
CHARM CITY SUICIDES-Heroin Sucks (Vermin Scum)
KONKS-God Says (Bomp)
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS-Down In Flames (Smog Veil)
CHRISTMAS-Dig We Must (demo)
CHINESE GIRLFRIENDS-Let’s Be Creative (from “Propeller,” Propeller)

CLITBOYS-Sheep (Beer City)
OFFENDERS-I Hate Myself (Beer City)
CRUMBSUCKERS-Sit There (Combat Core)
GRAVEN IMAGE-Day After (Eskimo)
NEOS-Conscripts (Rat Cage)
RUNNAMUCKS-Blue Jeans (Six Weeks)
SPLAT-Negmo (Saucepan)

NAIL POLISH-Chophouse Row (Help Yourself)
SPRAY PAINT-Yoopy D.B. (Monofonus)
ERIK NERVOUS-Tourist Destination (demo)
BAD DADDIES-Apocalypse Man (CDR/Finch)
RATAS DEL VATICANO-Cancer de Prostrata (HBSP-2X)
STOP WORRYING & LOVE THE BOMB-The Last Skinjob (Big Neck)

GOD AND TEXAS-Bread and Circuses Rave)
CRAIN-Foot Sanding (Automatic)
TAR-Walking The King (Amphetamine Reptile)

CEREMONY-Sick (Bridge Nine)
BITOUSHA-Enjoyment As A Victim (ACS)
SYNTHETIC ID-White Walls (Cut The Cord That...)
AMATEUR PARTY-The Subject Of The Sculptor (Cheap Art)

DESCENDENTS-Bikeage (New Alliance)
SAMIAM-Clean (New Red Archives)
FUEL-Disengaged (Allied)
AMERICAN STANDARD-Superficial (Another Planet)
AS FRIENDS RUST-Like Strings (Doghouse)
ECONOCHRIST-Misspent (Ebullition)

FUCKING INVINCIBLE-Like A Child (Atomic Action)
WANKYS-Lost In France and Drunk (Hardcore Kitchen)
SOLITARY NEGLECT-Systematic Indoctrination (demo)
OMEGAS-Blasts of Lunacy (Parts Unknown)
S.H.I.T.-Masochism (Iron Lung)
VAASKA-Mierda Systema (Beach Impediment)

THE SERMON-Luzerne County (Alternative Tentacles)

FOREIGN OBJECTS-Look Around (Vinyl Rites)

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